Atlantis 4 - Evolution


Atlantis Evolution is a fantasy adventure computer game developed by Atlantis Interactive Entertainment and published by The Adventure Company (a division of DreamCatcher Interactive until 2011), and released in 2004. It’s the fourth in the Atlantis series by Cryo, and the first one made by Atlantis Interactive Entertainment, founded by former Cryo developers. Unlike the second and the third game in the series, the game revolves entirely around Atlantis. It was followed by The Secrets of Atlantis: The Sacred Legacy in 2006.


Near the beginning of the 20th century a 25-year-old journalist named Curtis Hewitt returns home from Patagonia. On his journey, he encounters a storm, which brings him to the world of Atlantis. Here he meets the native people and embarks on a quest to free them from their tyrannical gods.


When Cryo crashed in 2002 the Atlantis series were thought to be dead forever. However, The Adventure Company (Dreamcatcher) took the franchise and reinvented it with Atlantis Evolution.