Atlantis 5 - The Secrets of Atlantis (Sacred Legacy)


The Secrets of Atlantis: The Sacred Legacy is a fantasy adventure computer game developed by Atlantis Interactive Entertainment, originally published by Nobilis, and firstly released in France on November 3, 2006. It’s the fifth and latest game in the Atlantis series started by Cryo, and the second one made by Atlantis Interactive Entertainment.


In 1937, Howard Brooks, a young aeronautical engineer, returns from a conference in Germany. On board the Hindenburg zeppelin taking him to New York, Howard is attacked by members of an occult sect.

When Howard wakes up in the Hindenburg he finds himself alone. Eventually he meets a man claiming to have followed him for a long time, and that he and Howard are the last ones left on the zeppelin.

He soon learns that these evildoers covet the mysterious secret of a forgotten civilization of which, it seems, he is the heir. Convinced that Howard has a key element of their research, they decide to set a trap for him.

Caught up by his past, Howard sets out on an adventure that leads him, by turns, to several locations: Macao, an Indian palace, a temple in Mesopotamia and the Empire State Building in New York.