Black Mirror I - Puzzles


There are 4 old books on stands. They contain riddles.  Beside them are 4 stone blocks where the answers to the riddle are placed by rotating the letters. When correctly done the stone blocks lowers to the ground.

Front left book: It can’t be seen but it can be heard. It will not speak unless it’s spoken to. A picture of a monk talking to 2 men is depicted on the opposite page. Answer is ECHO.
Back left puzzle: The more you take away the larger it grows. A picture of an entryway is seen. Answer is HOLE.
Back right puzzle – Cities without house. Rivers without water. Forests without trees. A picture of a globe is on the opposite page. Answer is MAP.
Front right puzzle – Black when bought. Red when used. Gray when thrown out. A picture of a woman using a bellow is seen. Answer is COAL.

When correctly done, the stone tomb of Marcus Gordon rises.