Black Mirror I - Walkthrough


Return of the Future


Meet the main characters in the Common Room: See Victoria, the widow of William. Heinz Hermann, the pathologist is invited to stay and he went to the library. Robert, son of William and Victoria went to his study. Victoria wants you to stay for good. You are a Gordon. Bates the butler has your room ready and gives you the key.

Lobby – In inventory, you have William’s mourning card. Check all hotspots. Press tab and see all the exits. Take the SE exit and climb the stairs. Go to the room.
To the room – Check the newspaper rack by Robert’s study. Inside is a letter from HH about a parcel brought by Mark. Check all hotspots. Go forward to the room passing Victoria’s room on the left. Use key on the room and enter your bedroom.
Samuel’s bedroom – Check the broken mirror and Cathrin is mentioned. Click on drawer under broken mirror. Check the album and the picture of Cathrin. The bottom drawer is locked. Turn to the doorframe and click on it – it is too high. Right click the doorframe and find the key to the drawer. Use the key on bottom drawer and see camera, films and bible. Look at the portrait of above the chair and find out that Cathrin died in a fire and Samuel feels it his fault. Check portrait above fireplace and the fireplace (get Bates to start a fire). In the suitcase, take the headache pills and wallet. Right click the wallet to get a coin.
Robert’s study – Knock on Robert’s study and talk to Robert. Exhaust all dialogues.

Old Wing – Go to the balcony and click at old tower. You must get inside somehow. Go back in and continue to the old tower. Listen to his guilt about Cathrin.  Check everything. Look in the fireplace and then right click to get remnants of old photograph.

Torn-Up Photograph Puzzle

Find the key to open the attic

Bates – Talk to Bates dusting the fireplace just outside the library about all topics especially about the key and fireplace.
Dining room – Look close at the fruit bowl and get sweets. Check everything.
Kitchen – Take key by cellar door.  Check everything.
Attic – Use key on attic door. Check a locked chest, other hotspots and the entrance to tower. The door to the tower is boarded up.

Find a way to get in the tower

Bates – Talk to Bates by library door about tools and entrance to tower. Morris and stables are mentioned. Go out through the front door.
Stables – Go to stables and on the way look at broken fence where William fell. Talk to Morris, the groom about everything. Enter the stables. Open the drawer and take the hammer. Check the tool box also. Play with the light switch by the horse.
Tower entrance – Use the hammer on boards and find out that the door is locked. Click on door again until you should ask Victoria is said. Go to your room and meet Bates coming out of your room.

Look around the area

Castle ground – Look around castle ground. Check everything at right wing area and rear garden (fountain) and main gate. Go by the stairs and meet Henry, the gardener. Talk to Henry about everything.
Greenhouse – Go to greenhouse and find it locked. Look close at grinder and see blood. Talk to Henry about the grinder and closed greenhouse.

Recording Strange Tower symbol

After seeing the broken fence by tower, talk to Bates by library door about where William fell.
Tower base – Look close and click at stain. You should put this down somehow. Look close and right click at bush to the right to get a strange object.
Bates –  Talk to Bates at kitchen about the strange object. Place attic key back.
Bedroom – Take the camera from the drawer.
Robert’s study – Ask Robert about everything. He will not recognize the photo. Ask about film and then the chest in the attic. He will give you the key.
Attic chest – Use the key on chest and take film. In inventory, combine film and camera to get camera with film.
Tower base – Take picture of the stain in close up. Where do you have it developed?
Stables – Ask Morris about Henry and the strange object.

Trail of the strange object
Greenhouse – Check the painting on the easel. Talk to Henry about the strange object and the painting. He pawned a part of the strange object. Ask about the Bill of exchange.
Library – Talk to Hermann about William and the photo. William had burns on his body and he will talk to you more tomorrow.  Go to central part and take the map from the table with an hourglass. Look around the whole library and read the history of Warmhill Manor, the large book on the desk.
Victoria at the Common room – Talk to Victoria about everything. William was looking for truth. There’s a secret chapel under the church. Morgan’s body is in a secret crypt. Victoria got upset about the tower discussion. Go talk to Bates in the kitchen. He advises that you apologize as soon as possible. Apologize to Victoria. Victoria says to Go ask the doctor about William’s personal effect. The photo is recognized as a quiet boy that became mad and was sent to Ashburry. Robert accepted him as a patient. Hmmm. Robert lied.
Library – Talk to Hermann again and ask about personal belongings. The Doctor’s man will bring the personal belonging at the Main Gate at 7 o’clock.
Robert – Ask him about everything. Murray at Willow Creek has dark room at his pawn shop. The photo resembles a patient of Robert. Right click the map and the click on Willow Creek.

Willow Creek – Find the pawn shop

Creek area – Check everything.
To Pub – Talk to boy. Give sweets and show photo to Vick. Enter the Three Kegs Inn.
Pub – Talk to Harry. Mark is mentioned. Talk to Tom. You say you will pay his debt. Talk to Harry about Tom’s debt and pay the debt. Talk to Tom again. William goes to the vicarage after midnight. You can ask the vicar and the grave digger for verification. Ask about Mark who works part time for Murray or Hermann.
Cross the bridge – The pawn shop at the corner is locked.
To Pub – Go back to Pub and talk to Vick. After a while, find out that Murray went to town and won’t be back until tomorrow. Oops – Vick broke the window. Enter the pub and talk to Harry about Murray.

Warmhill Vicarage – Verify William’s midnight foray

By church – Check the 2 entrances and find out the church is locked. Talk to gravedigger about everything. 6 months ago after midnight, William was here looking for something and Father Frederick was expecting William.
Rear of Cemetery – Go to rear of cemetery left of church. Go to William’s grave. Look close at William’s headstone and click again. Hear your promise to find out the truth.
By church – Talk to gravedigger again. The church bells ring seven – It’s seven o’clock and automatically go to the castle’s main gate.

Castle – William’s clue

Main Gate – Talk to Mark and take the box. Right click on box in inventory to see watch and some trinkets. Right click on watch and see paper. Right click on paper in inventory. To my forgetful head: The path to the key begins in the library on my work table, hidden away under the blue curtain of unwritten words. The paper also shows books, map, globe compass and inkwell.
Library – Look at the globe and ‘it seems something is missing here’. Read the Warmhill Chronicles again if you want to. Look at inkwell and see a button. When the button is pressed – the secret cabinet opens.

Globe puzzle

Finally, the tower:

Tower – Use William’s key on door. The door with the key on the other side closes and locks you in the tower. Check the massive chest and chessboard (black rook missing). Open the roll top desk.
Roll top desk – Check parchments (important notes somewhere). Take black rook and right click it in inventory to make it a small knife.  Check the small cabinet (jewel box) and it has melody heard before.
Drawer – Check the drawer of the roll top desk. Take untitled book and right click it in inventory to get a key. Pull back from close up and right click the drawer and get Williams’s diary.
William’s diary – Read it and learn that the men that have the madness that plague the Gordons have in common was they were born in the same week repeating for 5 centuries. There are 5 symbolic keys given to men in the family. William is in search of all 5 keys. William has one, James, Marcus, Dergham Gordon of the branch in Wales and the fifth key’s location is not known. He concentrated on where Marcus was supposed to be buried – under Warmhill parish. He found a pedestal that has a complex mechanical lock. He opened the lock but didn’t find Marcus’ body. A sign Shall wisdom be your way. The first answer of the puzzle was MAP. He also found a stand with a black ball.
Massive chest – Use key on massive chest on right of the screen. Take strange black sphere (cold to the touch).Use the small knife on door and the door is opened. Exit the tower and Samuel collapses. He was brought to his bed by Robert and Bates.