Black Mirror I - Walkthrough


Back to the Light

Samuel dreams of a man under water and a key dropping to the bottom of the water. There’s a knock on the door. Bates informs you that Henry was found dead in the pond. Detective wants to speak to you in the Common Room. After the interrogation and before he left, the detective said that he will close the case after Dr. Hermann’s report.

Find out what happened to Henry

Stables – Talk to Morris.
Fireplace before library – Talk to Victoria and she will mention where Dr. Hermann lives.
Kitchen – Talk to Bates and find out more about the death – around midnight but the body was found around 6 AM.
Robert’s study – Talk to Robert about his research.
Old Wing – See that it is unsafe to go to the attic because the roof caved in. There is also a broken window.
Rear Garden – Go to the fountain and see a footprint by just above the puddle on the ground. Click twice and then right click the fountain. There is something glittering at bottom.
Greenhouse – Look at right drawer and see a metal box that is locked. We need the key.

Get Morris’ key

After remembering the dream and then seeing something glittering under the water in the fountain, we have to see how to get it.
Cellar by kitchen – See that the cellar door is open. Enter and talk to Bates at far right. Learn that there’s a pump that controls the water flow in the castle. Go to rear of cellar.
Rear of cellar – Look at the pump and then the pump control. Since you don’t know what to do yet, go talk to Bates. Bates will explain that the fountain column is the second from the right and that you can adjust the amount of water in those columns by using the other 3 wheels. Go back to pump control.

Pump Control puzzle

Leave the cellar through the front area and out.
Fountain – See that the fountain is drained. See a symbol on the side. Click the camera to record the symbol and then pick up the key beside it.
Greenhouse – Use the key on the metal box (cabinet) in the drawer. There is no bill for the pawn shop to be found. Take and read the letter to Victoria and find out that Henry intends to blackmail Morris.
Cellar – Ask Bates about the letter.
Stable – Talk to Morris about the letter.
Now you can leave and check on Dr. Hermann and his promised report on William as well as Henry’s death.

Dr. Hermann’s house and morgue – Trail of the bill of exchange:

See Dr. Hermann throw something in the garbage. Samuel follows him down to the morgue.
Morgue – Talk to Dr. Hermann and find out that he changed his mind in explaining William’s death except for the presence of chest burns. He refuses to let you check Henry’s belongings. Henry’s death report that should be kept secret shows that Henry does not have a single drop of blood in his body.
Outside the morgue – Check the garbage container and find out that it is padlocked. Check the trash bin and find torn papers recently placed there.

Torn paper puzzle

Who does research that we know of that has an initial R? Hmm…
Ring the doorbell by the door, talk to the doctor on the intercom and enter. Go down to the morgue.
Morgue – Check everything. Note the key on the left above the sink basin. Note the photographic canister under the right sink-basin. Samuel would note that doctor develops his films here. Talk to the doctor. You’re standing at a morgue… Oh yes, that’s quite apparent! He will develop the films if you get toner from Murray in the village.
Village – Talk to fisherman on dock and to Vick by the pub.
Pub –  Talk to everybody about Henry and find out that he was sober last night.
Pawn shop – Cross the bridge and enter the pawn shop. Talk to Murray and he wants 35 pounds to get back the rune-strange object. He will not give it to you unless you have the bill of exchange. Samuel says find a way to get the bill of exchange. Get the toner.

Distract the Doctor to get the bill of exchange

Pub – Talk to Harry about Mark. Talk to Mark and pay him 20 pounds (positive answer) or 30 pounds (negative answer) to distract the doctor.
Morgue – Ring doorbell and talk to the doctor at the morgue. When he leaves to talk to Mark, click on box found in the room in the background. Get the bill of exchange. Click on table drawer in the background and get the imprint plastic. Click on key above the sink-basin. The large one is the one for the garbage container. Click plastic on key to get a key imprint. You leave the morgue. Ring the doorbell again and talk to Doctor to give him the toner.
Pub – Talk to Harry about the imprint and he will refer you to Mark. Talk to Mark and he will try to make a key from the imprint. Be back in an hour to check if done.
Castle – Talk to Robert about Henry’s loss of blood.
Pawn shop – Talk to Murray and for 40 pound, then 35 pounds he gives the strange object. In inventory, combine the strange object and the rune to make one strange object.
Morgue – Ring doorbell and talk to Doctor about the film. The developed pictures are on the tray by the sink Samuel places the pictures in William’s diary. The difference between the 2 pictures is the symbol at the center.
Pub – Go back around 2-3 times to the pub and ask Harry about Mark. Finally, Harry will give you the key Mark left for you.
Morgue – Use the key on garbage container. Take Henry’s clothes and it exposes human remains underneath. Right click Henry’s clothes and feel something hard inside. You get a black rook. Right click the black rook to make a small knife and use it on Henry’s clothes. A diamond is seen. Click diamond over the strange object to complete it. Now you can enter the church.

Warmhill Vicarage – Look for the findings in William’s diary

Enter the church through the side entrance. Look at the stone tablet by the door and see the church was built by Marcus in 1230. Check the locked grate, the rear part and then go to the Altar. Talk to Father Frederick at the altar. Eventually, he will let you in the belfry behind the locked gate.
Belfry – Look at everything, the gate to the rear part of the cemetery and the opening. Place the strange object on the opening found below the candle on the pillar. An altar rises at the center of the floor.

Altar puzzle

Move the carpet at left side of the floor. Go down.
Catacomb – It is dark in here. Look at opening on the pillar. Take the strange object from the opening upstairs. Place the strange object on the opening at the catacomb. The light comes on and the trapdoor closes. Read the engraved lettering – Shall wisdom be your way.

Riddle puzzle

Open the tomb and take the book. The book states that Black Mirror is the gate between 2 worlds – good and evil. The book describes the fight between Marcus and Mordred Gordon. The curse stated by Mordred before he was slain by Marcus – Of your blood, others will rise with your name bearing my curse! One of your heirs will convert five souls of five mortals. This will be the catalyst to bring my anger back to life! And I will return! When your days have ended there will be no one to stop me. The secret chapel must be under the castle. I must finish what William has started. Take Marcus’ diamond sacred key – first key of the five. Look at candlestick at bottom of screen. Right click on candlestick and see a rat go to a suspicious hole. Click on suspicious hole to fall down a hole.

Mine – Get out of this place
Mine power control place
To get light – It is dark here and you lost a lot of your inventory.

Power lever puzzle

Live cable problem – Pick up all your other inventories but the camera is smashed. See a live cable hanging by the grilled door on the left. DO NOT TOUCH or you die! Click on metal box on the left middle shelf in the other room. You take the wire cutters. Press the red button at the mechanism to cut power. Use the wire cutters on the now dead cable to cut it. Press the red button again to turn on the light. Take the rope draped on the grill fence at center of room.
Open the grilled door – Try to leave but the grilled door is locked. Right click on door and Samuel will note that the key is on the other side. Use the wire cutter on the grill and then click to get the key from the other side. Use key on lock.
Mine shaft – Take the iron rod on the pile at left of the puddle. Take the rag from the skeleton. Check the switchboard. It is stuck. Use the small knife (rook) on the switchboard to open it. It has fuses. Go to the tunnel and see an elevator lift, full barrel and mining cart. The lift has a broken lock. Go to the engine room and see a large engine. Samuel doesn’t know how to work the control panel. There’s a pool with oil on the green area to the right of the engine.

Way out of this level – Go back to the lift room. Click on lid bottom of full barrel by the lift. Right click and Samuel says there’s something under the lid. Click on barrel to try to move it. Too heavy! Use the iron bar on barrel to drain some oil. Now Samuel tilts it off to reveal a trap door.
Trap door – Click on trap door and it’s too heavy. Click the rope on trap door and the other end to the mining cart. Click-push the cart and it is too heavy. Right click the cart and Samuel says get rid of the break stop. Push the cart again and it moves to pull the trap door open. Climb down.
Lift room – Go down once more into another room. There’s a locked locker. Go to the hotspot on the left wall. Click on it to find it to be a stuck switchboard. Use the small knife on the panel to open it.

Circuit board Puzzle

Check the skeleton and then right click to get a small key. Read the old diary of the trapped miner about the ghost problem and how he died. Click the small key on locker and get revolver, click again for bullets and click again for the plans to machinery. In inventory combine 2 bullets to revolver.

Engine room – Climb up to mine cart level 2. Go to engine room and click the plans to machinery on control panel. The main engine is working now.
Lift room – Go back down to the lift room and see that there’s a hole in the pipes. Try the rag on it but will get burned. Go back to engine room and use the rag on the green pool beside the big engine. Go back to lift room and use wet rag on hole. The generator can not take full power. Look at fuse box and see that a fuse has blown. Go back to the switchboard at the mine shaft off the lift at level 2. Take a fuse from the switchboard. Go back down to lift room. Use the fuse on the fuse box. Click the generator control to turn it on again. It now takes full power.

Functional lift – Go up to the level above the lift room and see that the control panel is lit. Press the control panel and the lift comes down. Click on control panel again to get the gate open. Samuel in the lift goes up to the highest floor.
Highest floor – Look at the grilled door and see that it is padlocked. Click (right click) on padlock and Samuel sees a rusty part of the firm padlock. Save Game here! Use the revolver on the firm padlock. You should do this with one shot only.  Exit and meet the wolf.
Wolf – The wolf is blocking your way. Use the revolver with one bullet to shoot the wolf. Leave and find Samuel in the common room with Robert and Victoria. Robert left for work in the sanatorium. Samuel tells Victoria he is leaving tomorrow to go to Wales.