Black Mirror I - Walkthrough


Hidden legacy


Nightmares of birds, wind chimes and a body on a slab. Samuel leaves for Wales and arrive at the gate of the manor.

Get pass the gate

Welsh manor gate: Press the doorbell but it would not work. Right click to note that the wires barely connect. Use the small knife-rook on doorbell. Look at the broken statue on the left. See the leg is broken. Click again and see a nail Take nail. Use the nail on doorbell and someone comes. Louis wants proof that you are a Gordon. Show him William’s mourning card. He lets you in.

Inside the Manor – Talk to Eleonor about everything. Learn that William was there with Robert 2 years ago and acted strange after being in the tomb. Dergham’s grave is older than the tomb and has a monument in the grounds. Richard, Eleonor’s husband works on his Chemistry experiments in an old house in the garden. After the talk, look at everything and see a mahogany box with a 9 field chessboard top.

Find Richard

Go outside and look around. Go to the path fork and talk to Louis about the doorbell. Go to the Old garden.
Abandoned House – Look at the house and note a tower attached to it. Look at faucet by Richard’s feet to take firm wire holding the hose from faucet. Take the path to abandoned house. The door is locked and no other possible way to enter.
Enter abandoned house – (Right) click the door and note that the key is on the other side. Insert William’s mourning card on door and then use the firm wire on door. Get the key, use on door and enter.
Table – Check the table by right wall. Open the small drawer and take the fountain pen. Right click the pen in inventory to see it has blue ink. Look at everything.

Cabinet – Pet the sleeping cat on the mantel of the fireplace and it runs away. The cat went inside the cabinet. Open the cabinet and see it is dark there. Check the newspaper clipping on the door and realize that Richard Gordon is a promising biochemist doing research on mammalian blood.
Fireplace – Go back to the fireplace and see a small door on the right. It is locked, right click to note that it has a hexagonal lock. Pick up the key off the floor just close to the logs by your feet. Use the key on small door and take the candle and lighter with no wick.
Lighter with no wick – Right click on candle in inventory and it says candle with a firm wick. Right click on lighter and note it is an alcohol lighter with no wick. Use the small knife-rook on candle to get wick. Click wick on lighter to get a lit lighter.
Cabinet – Use the lit lighter on cabinet to see a latch to a secret passage. Enter the secret passage.
Richard at last – Samuel surprised Richard and he dropped a flask containing the last sample of EX-52 oxidant. Be positive on your answer to him. He wants you to go to Leechdale and to the drugstore in the square to get Boron Oxidant EX-52. It should be vigorously saturated blue in color.</p>

Get the Boron Oxidant

Tower laboratory – Look around at everything. Take a small bottle from table by door and take the shards from the floor by Richard. Right click on shards to note the label of the broken bottle. Exit to the abandoned building.
Inside building – Take the log, old newspapers from floor and tea kettle from table. Exit to go outside.
Faucet by wall – Click the empty bottle on faucet to get bottle with water. Right click on fountain pen to see it has blue ink. Click fountain pen on bottle with water to get bottle with dissolved ink. Click tea kettle with water from faucet to get tea kettle with water.
Inside building – Go to stove at bottom left of screen. Place old newspaper in stove, then logs and then use lit lighter on the logs. Place kettle with water on stove. Wait – the water will boil in a minute. Remember – a watched pot never boils. Go out and look around. Go back and look at the kettle to see steam coming out. Click the shard on the steam to get label. Now to glue it on. Ah, where’s the glue?
Toolbox trial – Go to gate. There’s a tool box beside Louis, who is fixing the doorbell. Talk to Louis. Go to Eleonor inside the house and she wants Louis to mow the yard. Back to Louis at the doorbell. Talk to Louis about mowing. Back to Eleonor and ask her about everything. Back to Louis. Back to Eleonor. Then see Louis mowing outside the manor patio.
Go to the toolbox at the main gate. Take the glue and firm wire from the tool box.
Use the glue on label and then the label on the bottle with dissolved ink. Voila! Oxidant.
Richard in the tower lab – Give Richard the ‘oxidant’ and then talk to him about everything.

Get in the tomb

Tomb – Go to the Chapel left of the abandoned house. Check the stone flower pot (the soil is different color) and the monolith of Dergham. Check the tomb to find out the grate is locked. The path to the ruined old church is swamp.
Richard – Talk to Richard and he says to ask Eleonor or Louis about the tomb key. Samuel says to better ask Louis.
Garden – Go to where Louis is mowing the grass. See his jacket hanging on the tree. Drop the wire on the lawn. Watch. When Louis leaves, Click on jacket to get tomb key.

Decipher the Tomb.

Inside the tomb – Use the tomb key on tomb grill door. Enter and look around. There are 3 statues, 3 inscriptions and 3 empty stone bowls. Read the 3 inscriptions – Veine, Odire and Malite. Duh!
Richard – Talk to Richard about the signs. Go out, visit the tomb, look at the soil, wait for a while and then go back to Richard. Patience! When you go back to him and ask Can I bother you for a moment? That’s the right time to get an answer from Richard. Veine is the Irish God of Strife. Odire is the Druid Goddess of Harvest and Malite is Old God of Water.
If you already saw the newspaper clipping on the cabinet about Richard during his younger days worked on mammalian blood experiments, you will be able to ask him for blood. He will give you an ounce. Click on freezer to get blood. Go back to the tomb and on the way pick up the kettle with water from the stove. When in front of the tomb, pick up some soil from the stone flower pot. Now we have all of them.
Tomb – Place the blood on left stone bowl under Veine. Place soil on middle stone bowl under Odire. Place water from kettle on right stone bowl under Malite. When done correctly for each statue, the light comes on. I can hear something.

Zodiac Puzzle

Take the key. Automatically see Louis come, takes the keys and closes the tomb. You’re not done yet but Samuel says to come back at night. What now?
Richard – Talk to Richard and ask for his help. He wants something in exchange and is as secretive as you. Come back when it’s dark and to tell no one.

Get back in the tomb at night:

Watch Samuel climb out of his bedroom when all is quiet. Look at the gardens under moonlight. Fireflies and bats fly around. The tower lab is lit up and Richard must be waiting.
Abandoned house at night – The door is locked. You must get Richard’s attention somehow. Go back to the tower but pick up grit-stone on the walkway beside the pond. Click the stones on the lit tower window. Enter and help Richard with his experiment. Oxidant? What oxidant! Bang! As part of the agreement Richard tells you about the acid in the flask to use on the tomb door. Pick up acid on table left of door.
Tomb – Use the acid on the lock of the tomb. Look at the stone lock on the tomb on the right. Use the key taken from zodiac puzzle on stone lock. A secret passage opens.
Secret passage – Enter and see a grilled door that is locked. Look at the lock and note that the symbol looks familiar.
Richard – Ask Richard about the symbol of the gate. He tells you about the key in Eleonor’s jewelry box (remember the one on the table left of the piano). Take key to the mansion from the table left of door.
Mansion – Use the key on door and go to the table with mirror left of the piano. Look close at jewelry box.

Jewelry Box Puzzle

Automatically take the amulet. Go to the secret passage.
Crypt – Use the amulet on the gate and enter the crypt. Save Game here!
Read the engraving on the central altar – Use a stranger’s head or you’re own will shed! Do NOT open the tomb or you will lose your head for sure! Look at the skulls hanging at the middle wall. One of the skulls is labeled skull – third from right. Click on it and Samuel will note that it is cracked. Click stones on the cracked skull. The skull falls and breaks into pieces and a key falls behind a grill. It is unreachable. Go to abandoned building and get the poker. Use the poker on the key behind the grill. It is a key with a skull. Use key with skull on the monolith and a sound is heard. Now, you can safely move the tomb. Take Dergham’s red sacred key.