Black Mirror I - Walkthrough


Forgotten Bound

Victoria is upset. Bates explains that Robert has not returned from the Ashburry since you last saw him. The nurse reported that he left the gates at midnight. Detective Collier reported that a boy was found killed in the woods possibly by wolves.

Find out what happened to Vick

Village – Go the Pub and talk to Harry and the gravedigger. The grave digger says that Vick was torn in pieces and found by the Druid altar in Stonering where Samuel used to play when he was a child.
Stonering – Talk to Detective Collier. Note that the blood is only on the altar. Henry’s cause of death is still unknown. There are 3 of the menhirs around the altar. Look at the middle menhir and see the third symbol. Click William’s diary on the symbol to record it. The vines clinging to the tree beside the symbol is burned. Talk to the detective about the symbol.
Distract the detective – Look at the plant on the ground by the menhir to the left, right click and Samuel will note a piece of cloth. For you to get the cloth, the detective needs to be distracted. Go to the rock on the ground at right of where the detective is standing. Click the bottle of blood on it. Talk to the detective about the blood. Right click the fern plant and get a handkerchief that has the Gordon symbol on it.
Dr. Hermann’s morgue – Talk to Dr. Hermann. Find out that Vick was not killed by any animal.
Castle – Talk to Morris about Vick.

Find out what happened to Robert

Castle Mail box – Go to the mail box at the main gate and pick up a letter from James to Father. He cannot stand being confined anymore and decided to do something about it. He will wait at their meeting place.
Kitchen – Talk to Bates and ask about Victoria. She is in her room and doesn’t want to be disturbed.
Victoria’s room – (Letter is trigger to talk to Victoria). Talk to Victoria about Robert and find out that James is William’s illegitimate son. Victoria wants you to go to Ashburry and check about Robert.


Front desk – Press the doorbell and later talk to the nurse. Learn about Robert’s time there and James’ escape.
Outside the building – Check the sewer. Go left and around the building. Take the hammer from the roof of the shed. Check twice the dustbin by shed to get syringe. Knock on metal door and talk to boiler man about everything.  Learn that to escape, one must go through foyer or sewer to the outside. Samuel wants to see James’ cell. Check the beer by metal door.
Graveyard – Go left and check the graveyard and the rear part of the graveyard.

Get into James’ cell/Drug the boiler man

Front desk – Check the grill door on the left of the nurses’ station to see if you can go through that way. Then, talk to the nurse and she will make a phone call for Samuel.
Sedative – Enter the counter door. Take the vase and find out the cabinet is locked. Check the vase in inventory and hear it clink. Right click the vase to note that it has a slot of some kind at the bottom. Right click the wallet to get coin. Combine coin with vase to get key. Use key on cabinet. Check the medicines and pick up the bottle of white powdered sedative at middle shelf close to left door. Talk to nurse about the graveyard.
Boiler man – Go back to metal door of boiler room. Combine syringe and sedative. Use syringe with sedative on beer by metal door. Now, how do we get him to drink it?
Turn the heat up – Look close at boiler room window left of beer case. See the machinery of the boiler. Go back inside the sanatorium. Use the handkerchief in fountain to get wet handkerchief. Go back to boiler room window. See a loose rod. Hit the brick holding the loose rod with hammer. OOPS – he heard us. Let’s try again, this time wait for the noise of the machinery to increase and thump. Hit the brick with hammer in time with the thump of the machinery. Use the wet handkerchief on machinery to trick the sensor of the thermostat to increase the temperature. Watch the boiler man get a bottle of beer. Go through

Boiler room

Boiler room – Wait for a while for the sedative to work. Visit the graveyard again. Then enter the metal door and see the man asleep. Sssh! Go to the rear part of the room and notice the intercom and the notice board.
Door – The door has a numerical pad beside it and a key slot. Go to the notice board and take pin, small key and note all the posters especially the Follies 1918 and the schedule. Go back to the door. Insert the small key and then press 1918. Door opens.

Distract the Doctor on duty

Go through door and see a doctor at the table. Samuel goes back to the boiler room.
Foyer – Talk to nurse and get the duty schedule.
Boiler room rear part – To call the Doctor away from the desk, click the duty schedule on the intercom. Go through the door and down the foyer.

Find Mr. Bubby

Talk to Ralph, the patient. Samuel agrees to find Mr. Bubby to get his approval for the patient to talk to you. Turn on the light. Look in the dustbin on the right side of the foyer. Right click the dustbin to get a doll’s head. Go to the boiler room’s stack of coal beside the furnace. Right click the coal to get the body of a doll. Combine head and body of doll. The doll is still separated. Right click the separated doll parts to find a thread. Combine the thread and the pin from the notice board together. Click the pin and thread on the separated doll parts to make Mr. Bubby. Give Mr. Bubby to Ralph and he tells you that James cell is next door. Dr. Smith has all the keys to the cells.

Get the keys from Dr. Smith

Flip the light switch found on the wall above the dustbin off. Click the wire connected to it to pull it off. Click the other end of the wire to the fencing over the window. Samuel says now to attract the attention of the doctor. Place the music box on the fencing of the window. Samuel flips the switch on the make a live connection to the fencing. Samuel hides and Dr. Smith touches the fencing. Samuel takes the music box. Take the cell keys from Dr. Smith.
James’ cell – Check everything. The eye picture on left wall is crumpled. Click on eye picture twice until it falls off and an eye appears. Talk to Ralph and find out about James and Robert. Robert does his experiment at night giving medicines to patients. Take the dark picture that James painted on the easel. Check and right click the hole in the mattress to read James’ diary. The doctor has locked you in. You must get out before he comes back. Talk to Ralph about James’ escape and he will talk about the hole under James’ bed. Exit through the hole under James’ bed.

Look for James at Lighthouse at Sharp Edge

Castle – Ask Bates in the kitchen about the lighthouse depicted in James’ drawing. It is at Sharp Edge.
Sharp Edge – Saved Game here! Go to entrance and Samuel will say to look around first. This will open a ‘look around’ exit to left of building. Go around and scream.
Caught – Everything has to be done fast. See that James will bury Samuel alive. Click on Samuel to find out he is tied up feet and legs. Use the small knife-rook on Samuel. James needs to be distracted. Now that the hands are free, click the music box on James. James will look at the music box. If you’re not fast enough, James will hit Samuel on the head and RIP. Samuel and James have a heart to heart talk. Find out about Robert’s experiments on the patients and where James’ sacred key is. It is in the sewers under the cellar accessed from one of the cellar drains.

In search of Castle sewer

Castle cellar – Take cellar key in kitchen and use on door. Enter cellar and see that there are 3 sewer grates that have unpleasant smell – by the door, right of well and by the pump control in the rear. Look at the well and take a rope with 2 hooks. It might come handy. Which sewer grate? – Go to each sewer grate and drop a coin (right click wallet). Find out which one doesn’t have water at the bottom – the grate to the right of the well.
Sewer – Check the fountain and pick up the cogwheel on the floor beside it. Go to the right and see a mechanism that has a stuck red wheel. Look above the wheel and see a cogwheel and it is missing 2 others.

Get to the sewers

Underground – Go to underground and see a stairs that is flooded. We have to find a way to get all this murky water drained. See an opening on the pillar and a wheel that is chained. Look in the murky water and also see 2 openings on the sides. One of the openings is for letting out water and one for letting in water. The one for letting in the water is closed. See a cogwheel floating at right edge of the murky water. Combine hook and rope together and use it on cogwheel – the rope is bending too much.

To get cogwheel in murky water

Open the closed water outlet – Go to the railing on the left of the platform and take a loose rod. Use rod on the opening on the pillar but it is too wide. Remember what Bates was doing at the cellar. Go to the cellar above and use the rod on the grinder. Go back and use sharpened rod on the opening underground. That opened the flap of the drain. Aack – no water.
To get water to flow – Use acid on the chains holding the wheel. Then turn the wheel. Water flows.
Cogwheel – The cogwheel reached the level of the drain but is still unreachable. Used the combined rope and hook taken from the well on the cogwheel. The rope is still bending too much. Combine rod on rope and hook to make a fishing pole. Use it to fish the cogwheel.

Drain the murky water

Go back to the mechanism with red wheel. Place the 2 cogwheels on the cogwheel above the red wheel. Turn the wheel and the mechanism is running. Go back to the underground and see that the murky water is drained.
James’ sacred key – Go downstairs and pick up James’ chest. Open the chest to get James green sacred key. A headache came on and you will come back later to check this place.