Black Mirror I - Walkthrough


Confession of the Truth

Another nightmare – the morgue, the saw, the body and the head of Dr. Hermann. Samuel is awakened again by Bates. Ashburry’s head nurse called and wants you to go there. The weather is foul.

Murder pouring like rain

Ashburry – Ring the doorbell. Talk to the nurse. Robert is dead. He and James were found at the lighthouse. When the nurse leaves, enter James’ cell. See James hanging from the ceiling. Look at Samuel’s name on the wall in blood. Click on James to get Robert’s key. Go to the plastered hole and use the small knife on it. The knife breaks. Talk to Ralph and find out that James didn’t kill Robert and knows who killed Robert.
Lighthouse at Sharp Edge – Look at dark hole. Use lit lighter on the dark hole and see another symbol. Click William’s diary on symbol to record it.
Morgue – Ring the doorbell and nobody answers. Click on door and find it open. Go down to the morgue. Click on the sheet of the body on the table. It is Dr. Hermann. His head is in the bucket. After Samuel’s bout at the sink, look at the symbol on the sink. Click William’s diary on symbol to record it. See the rise of an altar on a tower in front of a throne. The tower came up from a green abyss. It seems that the 5 mortals’ statement on the book found with Marcus is coming true. Mordred is coming! Look at the body again and see his clamped hand holds something but you can’t open the fingers. Go to the lamp at the table at far wall. Click on drawer for a close up look at the table. Take the medical forceps. Click on the book at the drawer to get small plastic bags. Go back to the body and use the forceps on Hermann’s hand to see hairs. Use plastic bag on hair.
Black hair – James has black hair. You need to get a sample. The doorbell rings. Meet Detective Collier at the foyer. He blames James for all the killings.

Get some of James’ hair

Ashburry – Ring the doorbell and talk to nurse. Find out that James’ body is at the chapel in the old graveyard behind the sanatorium.
Chapel at Graveyard – Go left and back of the sanatorium. Talk to the boiler man and he won’t talk to you. Go to the graveyard at left and see that the chapel is locked.
Boiler man – Talk to him and find out that he has the keys but he will not give it to you even for a bribe.

Get the chapel keys

James’ cell – Go to the front of the sanatorium and climb down the sewer to James’ cell. Go out of cell and to the boiler room.
Boiler room – Look at the locker close to the exit of the boiler room. See and take the man’s rubber boots. Hmm… Get the rag from the rail by coal. Use rag on boiler door. Too hot. Go back to James’ cell and wet the rag either from the fountain in the foyer of the sanatorium or the tap by the toilet in James’ cell to get a wet rag. Back at the boiler room, open the boiler using the wet rag. Try to throw the rubber boots in boiler. It is best to turn the valve above the boiler door to shut the vent to the chimney. Place the rubber boots in boiler. Automatically leave the room. Go back to James’ cell, under bed and to the boiler room in the back. Take the keys from the boiler room door.
Chapel – Use the keys on chapel door at graveyard. See James’ body. Take glass shard from floor and use it on James to get hair.
Morgue – Click on microscope and automatically focus the microscope. Click James’ hair and the murderer’s hair on microscope. They differ. Morris?

Get Morris’ hair

Stable – Read the letter on the vise. Morris ran away. Click on the switch by one of the stall. The light comes on. Take Morris’ cap. Right click on Morris’ cap in inventory and see a hair in it. Click one of the plastic bags on cap to get Morris’ hair.
Morgue – Click Morris’ hair on microscope. It’s not Morris! Then who? Who else has black hair?

Check on Robert

Castle – Talk to Bates in kitchen and tell him about Robert and convince him not to tell Victoria.
Robert’s study – Use Robert’s key on door of Robert’s study.
Picture – Enter and look close at the picture above the table on the left. The man has one of the sacred keys. We have to find out who this man is from the past.
Table – Look close at table and see a cocoa box. Click to open the lid of the cocoa tin and click inside the tin to get a small key. Use the key on top drawer of the table. Take a paper. Right click on the paper in inventory and see it a code of some kind. It’s blank. Open the lower drawer and see a picture of Robert’s wife that left him – Sophie. Go to one of the lights by the bookcase and click the paper on the lamp. See 6 3 0 8 1.
Bookcase – Click on the MCXX (1120) above the middle bookcase and Samuel says it is the year prior to building the foundation of the castle.
Clock – Note the clock chimes and is exactly 12 o’clock. Hmm. Click on the red button at the middle of the hands and change the time to 11:20. Press the needle on top. If done correctly, the needle will do a full turn and the clock will chime.
Safe – The middle bookcase opens to reveal a safe.

Safe puzzle

Look in the safe and read Robert’s diary about his experiments and his plans for James. Read William’s last will that states that Victoria gets all of William’s personal possession while Samuel gets the family’s estate – Black Mirror and the lands. James was to stay in the Castle for as long as he wants. Robert was disowned. Take the ring. Read undelivered William’s letter to Samuel right before he died. Right click on the ring and see that it has runes and Latin words.

In search of Lothar’s key

Victoria – Knock on Victoria’s room. Talk to her about the picture. Learn that the man is Lothar Gordon, who started Ashburry. He died mad and buried at the graveyard behind the sanatorium.
Ashburry – Press the doorbell and then go to the graveyard. Look at the graves and at the rear part of the graveyard find an unmarked grave surrounded by dried, thorny bush. Right click on the unmarked grave and see that it has the Gordon coat of arms. You have to remove the thorny bush first.
Chapel – Enter the chapel and check the box by the door to get broken gardening scissors.
Boiler room door – Look close at boiler room window left of the door. Take the screw holding the clamp of the gutter pipe. In inventory, combine the screw and the broken garden scissor to make gardening scissors.
Gordon grave – Use the gardening scissors on dried shrub. When done clearing it, try to push the lid off but it is too heavy.
Boiler room shed – Go to the dark corner of the shed. Click and right click the dark corner to get a metal rod. Use the metal rod on the grave. Oh no! The grave is empty!
Foyer – Talk to the nurse about ancestor’s grave and find out that the Warmhill parish administered the graveyard before Ashburry.
Warmhill vicarage – Enter the church. Go to the altar and talk to Father Frederick about the ancestor. He wants you to come back. Go out and look around. I went to the castle, morgue, pub and cemetery twice before I got an answer from Father Frederick. He said that Lothar was cremated and is now kept at the Gordon family vaults.
Rear Cemetery – Go to the rear cemetery. Find that one of the crypts is open. Talk to the gravedigger and ask him to look for Lothar’s urn. He comes back and gives you the urn. Right click the urn to get ancestor’s sacred key. Now only William’s key needs to be obtained. Click on tool box to get flashlight.

Get William’s key

William’s grave – Look at William’s grave and Samuel says that the ground has still not hardened.
Cemetery by church – Go to the cemetery right of the side entrance to the church. Look at the grave and barrow. It’s too dark. Use the flashlight and take the shovel lying on the barrow heap at extreme right of screen.

William’s grave

Get rid of gravedigger – Click the shovel on William’s grave but Samuel says to get rid of the gravedigger first. Take the peg (bottom of door) holding the door open. Click on the wire tied to the door and fence and Samuel will untie it. Samuel then places the peg on the closed door. Dig William’s grave with the shovel. Watch. Take the William’s blue sacred key.
Church – Go in front of the church and see the Gordon carriage. Samuel enters the church and sees Bates go in to the confessional. Samuel stops Father Frederick from going any further. Samuel enters the confessional and hears Bates’ confession. Samuel!!!