Black Mirror I - Walkthrough


Look through the Mirror

Catacombs – Go to the underground that you drained. Go down the stairs and look at the symbols in circle on the wall.

Pentagram Puzzle

Maze – Enter the catacomb. Look at the writing on the archway. Samuel doesn’t understand it nor do I. Save Game here. Enter a maze. Look around as you please. Don’t look at all the openings or you might get killed.

Maze Puzzle


1. From the globe stand , go right 2 screens down past the beast wall.
2. Light the candle with your lighter. Hold the map on candle to see areas that are lit.
3. Go down one screen from candle and pick up the sword from left at ground
4. Go to 2 screens down from the globe stand and press button on the right wall to light the lamp.
5. Go back to globe stand, go left, go one screen down and see an abyss. You cannot get to the button on the right.
6. Throw the helmet and sword down the abyss and the floor slides to cover it.
7. Press the button to light the lamp.
8. Go in front of the beast wall and press the left and right buttons to light the 2 lamps. An eerie gate is seen. Enter.

Black Mirror Gate

Look at the altar. Pick up the dagger. Right click dagger in inventory to note that it is Volpar, the ritual dagger. Click dagger on Samuel. He will shed his blood on the container in front of the book on the altar. Blood flows to open the holes around the book. Place the 5 sacred keys on the holes based on the color of their jewels. Read the verses. Samuel has sealed the gate – Black Mirror between evil and this world.