Black Mirror I - Walkthrough


After installation, enter the key or ID code and then press enter. This is a point and click game. The Main Menu has new game, save game, load game, options, credits and quit. The Options Menu has the volume for spoken word and sound, subtitles and gamma correction. In saved game, enter the name saved game and then press enter. There are 24 saved game slots.

The main menu is accessed by clicking on gear icon at top right of the screen. Double click the exits to move between locations faster. Pressing Tab will show all the exits during gameplay. Inventory is at the bottom of the game screen. Right click an item and it will be identified or check what else is contained in that item. Press ESC to skip intro.


See William write a letter to Samuel. “Dear Samuel, it was not easy for me to find fitting words for these first lines that i hope you are reading. As well, as it was not easy to find out where you were living. I hope that my letter will reach your hands as soon as possible, as there is not much time left. Since your departure i have contributed all my efforts and endless hours looking for the truth about our family. I feel that i am already very close to beholding its full face and i am concerned that i might not have the strength to look at it alone. Therefore, i am turning to you, Samuel, for i know that you will hear out my plea. In this envelope you will find the ancient ring of our heritage. It is very important that you always have it with you. Take extraordinary care of it. Please return to our manor and help me. I know my time is closing in, i can feel it. I am afraid…” William is seen falling off the tower window.