Black Mirror II - PUZZLES


Here, you just have to enable the ball to reach the center of the five-ring maze by pressing the side buttons to lower the walls between rings at the appropriate times. This is beyond easy and gravity will do most of the work. Press the round button at the lower left to release the ball. It’ll rotate clockwise between the two lowest openings between  the fifth and fourth  rings. You want to break up this go-nowhere cycle, so, as the ball approaches the entrance to the fourth ring, press the uppermost button on the left side of the maze. This lower the third wall from the center and changes the ball’s course. It now goes over the top of the maze, down the right side and then toward the middle. As the ball approaches the entrance to the innermost ring, press the lowest button on the right. The ball drops down the hole at the center and the mirror slides back to reveal an entrance.