Black Mirror II - PUZZLES


“GFT” has to be Grimm’s Fairy Tales. Sure enough, there’s a copy in the bookshelf out in the lounge and, sure enough, the four numbers in Angelina’s insurance correspond to page numbers in the table of contents — 62 to “The Queen Bee,” 17 to “The White Snake,” 1 to “The Frog King or Iron Henry” and 25 to “The Seven Ravens.” And now for the puzzle. If need be, rotate the central circle so the four relevant numbers are adjacent to the four outer circles and then rotate those four circles so the appropriate pictures appear in the space adjacent to the related Table of Contents numbers. (The overall orientation of the numbers doesn’t matter; they ) The frog and raven are easy to identify, the snake and bee a bit harder. When the last circle is properly adjusted, you’ll hear a click and drop back to the view of Angelina’s room — now with a dark smelly hole.