Black Mirror II - PUZZLES


It’s tempting to over-think this segment. Don’t. It’s simple: You just need to drop a trap onto one of the slabs below by cutting one of the ropes arrayed about the chamber. You’ll determine the correct one — the third rope to the left of the panel — by decoding the symbols beside the ropes in what is effectively another mini-game. Call up the panel with two left-clicks. Make sure each of the five symbols appears in either the left or right bracket, that the color is correct and that the toggle in the middle is set to designate the appropriate bracket. By clicking either on the left or right empty space of each line you can move the blocks along to place the symbols where you want them</span>. <span style=”font-size: 10pt;”>When you’re done, press the big button at the bottom left. The scene switches back to the full room and Darren confirms he’s found the correct rope.