Black Mirror II - Walkthrough



Our hero comes to again for the big talk with his true mother, Cathrin, who explains a great deal — except the identity of the masked man who imprisoned Darren in the bunker (which will be revealed soon enough) — and a much shorter one with Bates in the main hall. The plan is to get Darren (now revealed as Cathrin and Samuel’s son Adrian and Angelina’s twin brother) back to the US — far away from Black Mirror and whoever killed Angelina. Bates tells Darren — we’ll stick with that name to avoid confusion — to see Louis for his tickets back to the US. You can go see Louis, though it’s not necessary to the story. (Still under the car beside the stables, he professes to know nothing about tickets.) Or you can make straight for the bathroom, where you’ll find Sally’s body — its right hand seemingly pointing at something on the bathtub’s exterior wall.

Close the window and turn on the water to re-steam the bathroom and then look at the tile again to see a “B.” As in Bates. Darren immediately interprets this as a false clue inserted by Sally’s killer. When Darren tries to leave the bathroom, he’ll find the castle ablaze. Take a towel from the drawer at the left, wet it in the tub and head into the hall downstairs. (Alternate route: On the way out of the house, Darren can detour into Bates’s newly unlocked room, be overcome by the smoke and die.) In the hall, Darren tries to rouse the dying Bates and then steps outside.

And here begins the endgame. Darren is held at gunpoint by Louis, who confesses that he locked Darren in the bunker cell and started the fire, but asserts he’s “no murderer” Then, in the manner of ’30s mobsters, he takes Darren for a little ride. At the Academy, out of the darkness steps the true nemesis: Angelina — not dead after all. Long explanations ensue — including the actual circumstances of Mrs. Michaels’s accident back in Biddeford, the identity of the corpse at the lighthouse (Miss Valley) and the focus of Angelina’s ambition: to harness Mordred’s power. The scene now moves to the antechamber where Darren found Angelina’s backpack in Chapter V. Do the following in any order: Use the three mosaic tiles on the stone plinth, take the candle to the right of the entrance and the lantern to the left of the plinth, use the candle on the lantern (or vice-versa) and then the lighted lantern on the plinth. The assembled mosaic focuses the lantern light on the symbol on the door. Darren then automatically cuts his hand on a built-in blade to the left of the door and places his hand on the symbol on the inner door. It opens. The party enters automatically. Inside you’ll find a semi-circle of eight pressure-sensitive stone slabs. Clearly the eight Order members were meant to stand on the slabs to open the great gate upscreen. But Darren is in a party of only four and he’ll have to figure out how the Order intended to work with less than a full house. There must be a way to lock out certain of the slabs. This involves rooms beyond the closed stone doors to the left and right.

Your first task is getting them open. This requires two things: Test any of the slabs — Darren tries out the second slab from the right and steps back as a great weight plummets onto the platform — and collect the note at the right side of the big gate. The spoken description of this “user manual” isn’t especially helpful in decoding which slabs are safe/unsafe — it has a different purpose, which we’ll get to in a moment  — but a Darren thus informed is willing to experiment. And the experiments will go much faster if you inspect the note in the close-up view in the diary. (If you right-click on it in inventory, Darren describes it only in part.) Two of the slab icons are doors. The second from the left opens the left door and the third from the right. Trouble is, Darren can’t explore beyond the doors without someone holding down the slab for him. So once you’ve tried the slab for the left door, talk to either Cathrin about “stone slab for left door.” (You can also try Angelina, but she’s only going to put forward Cathrin anyway.) Open the left door first.

Seasonal Puzzle

When you return to the main room, you can use these staves in the slots that appear on four of the slabs. The yellow (spring) one goes in the slot on the near left slab, the summer one (green) in the fourth from the left and the winter one (blue) in the near right. In each case, you can then step on the relevant slab and discover the trap above has been locked out. And fall?  You’ll have to compensate for its absence in the control room through the right door. Open that now by talking to Cathrin about “Stone slab for right door” — first testing the third-from-the-right slab if you haven’t done so already — and enter to find Darren is now above the main room. This will probably be confusing at first. Symbols. Rope. Traps. Chains. A panel at the upper right. What do you do with it all?

Trap Puzzle

But how to cut through it? Click on the rope and our boy suggests a knife. And you’ve already heard about a knife. It’s one of the symbols on the “user’s manual” for the stone slabs. Step on the third slab from the the left — the one that shows a knife on the note — and, after Darren jumps back safely, look for a new hotspot at his feet. Take the knife — oddly, Angelina and Louis raise no objections– and you can cut the appropriate rope in the room above. Gears spin and when Darren returns to the main room,  you’ll see a massive weight descend onto the slab beside Cathrin. Now talk to Angelina about “Louis” to set the wheels in motion. Darren assigns seats. Louis is suspicious, asks to swap places with Darren, steps on the un-staffed “fall” slab and instantly dies. Reverse psychology apparently works. But his weight nevertheless does the job and when Darren and Angelina take their places on the remaining slabs, the great central gate opens. Left-click twice on the pedestal beside the gate. Angelina fires a warning shot and places the black sphere stolen from the museum atop this receptacle and a fiery portal opens in the “Demonic gate.” Darren automatically steps through into the hellish scene from the finale of The Black Mirror — seen from a slightly different angle than the 6 o’clock of the original game. Cathrin starts toward Angelina, is shot and yells to Darren to run. He does and you’ll find him back on the other side of the portal. You can’t do anything meaningful in the slabs room. Darren can only retreat to the antechamber, where he’ll realize he’s now penned in by members of the Order and return automatically to the main room. Left-click on the portal. Darren here realizes he’s out of options and passes through the fiery circle a third time for the final scenes. Reunion with wounded mother, reappearance of Angelina from the left, recitation of the words in the book on the central pedestal  (with rather more feeling than appropriate for a purported nonbeliever) and a bloodletting. Cathrin sneaks up on Angelina and falls with her into the surrounding firepit. As Darren whirls about in despair, his blood stains the book. Wreathed in metaphorical flame, he undergoes a transformation. Into what, we’ll  find out in Black Mirror III.