Black Mirror III - Walkthrough


Darren is “dreaming” of two children. It is himself and his sister, Angelina, and Darren is undergoing hypnotherapy and is recalling this childhood memory to Dr. Winterbottom.


Talk to Dr Winterbottom, then go outside and over the bridge. Talk to Matt, then use the fortune teller’s card on the telephone to call her again. Try to enter the shop, but it is closed. Enter the cafe and talk to Edward, then go to the police station and talk to Zak. Go back over the bridge and talk to Dr Winterbottom in her office to learn about the barrel. Tell her the shop is closed and you cannot pick up your medicine. She will explain that Abaya always goes to Ipswich on Tuesdays to do self-defense and the postman always leaves the post at the side of the shop. Welcome to village life. Tell Dr. Winterbottom about your strange experience yesterday: how you were chased by a black dog and were able to hide in a hut only to escape and collapse outside. Apparently Murray found you there in a heap in the middle of the night and returned you to the hotel. You have no recollection of that. You don’t know what was real and what was fantasy. When you exited the hut, there were no traces of a dog outside. Also explain the apparition of the white lady. Dr. Winterbottom will then say that dreaming of black dogs are a deep-seated fear of the consequences of your own actions. “Psychology is the modern theology”. “Dogs who roam around without a master suggest a suppressed issue with dominance. It could also suggest the opposite: that the dreamer is neglecting a particular part of himself”. Return to the shop and look in the barrel outside it to get your pills and a package for Murray. Either the postman is lazy or he doesn’t like Murray. Look at the pills in your inventory: Haloperidox, for the treatment of acute psychosis with delusions, hallucinations or cognitive disorders. Great! She’s declared me officially crazy!


Head inside to see Murray isn’t there, then enter his office on the far left. Darren will put the package on his desk. Darren then sees something on the desk, goes over to read it and discovers that it was Murray who paid Darren’s bail. Murray then walks in and asks Darren what he’s doing there. Darren then explains that he was trying to be nice by bringing his package and putting it on his desk when he discovers this. What is Murray up to? He believes in your innocence and thinks you don’t deserve to be in jail. How can a miser like Murray risk 5,000 pounds? What is going on? So, he paid the bail hoping that you would continue murdering in order to continue attracting tourists? You should be thankful! Nobody else would have paid your bail. You have no friends. You are a criminal. At this point, Darren informs Murray that he’s checking out.


Try to enter the church but it is now locked. Go through the gate on the right and talk to the gravedigger, Mark, about the church being locked and about the white lady. Mark says that only the pure of heart can see her. Pick up the tree lopper from next to the priest’s house.


Take the path to the right. Darren will have another childhood vision. After your vision, use the tree lopper on the barbed wire, and go over the gate.


You recognize this house. You used to play here with Angelina when you were a kid. Look at the sign over the entrance, then look at the car. Look in the bushes to the left to find another sticker, then also check the bin and the intercom. Look at all the other bushes until you decide to give up searching.


Enter the church and talk to Father Frederick. He assumes you have come to confess. Ask him about the graveyard. The graveyard was rearranged. He explains that it was in 1213 when Marcus strook down his brother, Mordred, in a duel. According to legend, Marcus embodied good and Mordred evil. Good prevails. Mordred uttered the curse shortly before he drew his last breath and cast the curse upon Marcus and all his descendants. But Lady Gordon is the last in the line and the Gordon line ends with her. You then inform Father Frederick that you are indeed Adrian Gordon and thus belong to the Gordon clan. Father Frederick thought Adrian had died as a 13-year-old. Father Frederick cannot tell you exactly where Samuel was buried. But he may be able to help. He then gives you a list of the graves. Contine talking to Father Frederick about Marcus and Gordon: to atone for the sins of his brother, Marcus then built this church on pagan grounds. Then later he built the academy also on pagan grounds. It was to be used to house the Gordon Chronicles, so that the curse could be researched by academics. But the academy was completely burnt to the grounds in 1512. Most of the chronicles was destroyed – everything that could be recovered was brought to the church. Look at the list in your inventory, then talk to him again. There are 7 names on the list, but only 5 anonymous graves: Sir William Gordon, Henry Stanton, Dr. Heinz Hermann, Dr. Robert Gordon, James, Viktor Sebastian Valley and Samuel Gordon. So, first find out who is not buried here. Sir William Gordon has his own tomb north of the graveyard, so he can be ruled out. Viktor is sure to be buried in the family grave next to his sister, so you can also cross him off the anonymous list. All that is left now is to identify each of the 5 anonymous graves. Now go back out to the graveyard and look at the anonymous graves where the few clues that you get don’t really help that much. Go outside and through the gate on the right to talk to the gravedigger again to get more information on each person. Return to the anonymous graves.

  • Dreamcatcher – Dr Heinz Hermann (the pathologist in league with Robert Gordon)
  • Caduceus – Dr Robert Gordon (manager of the sanatorium)
  • Bible quote – James (illegitimate son of William)
  • Pathetic grave – Henry Stanton (the castle gardener, a drunk)
  • Rotting flowers – Samuel Gordon (Darren’s father)

Examine your father’s gravestone and find nothing. Maybe someone is taking the mickey! Or maybe the clue refers to another place. Go back to the church and talk to Father Frederick again about a latin quotation from Samuel’s gravestone and then look at the right column to find a secret compartment and another note. The plot thickens. “If you don’t want to suffer the same fate as your father, just keep quiet about everything that happens to you. No-one must know of the secret that lies at the end of your path. But you’re only at the beginning and you’d be well to prove your innocence first. If you fulfill all the tasks that I set you, no-one will doubt your innocence anymore. In this first task, you must look out for people who need help.” Fulfill tasks? What’s that all about? Must be one of Murray’s sick ideas!


Leave the church and head back along the road, past the castle, towards town. Talk to Phil at the broken down car and help him with his car. While Darren is looking at the engine, a cutscene ensues with Phil slamming down the bonnet on Darren. You then wake up to find yourself trapped in some kind of metal box. In a cold room where they keep dead bodies? Look at all the walls then at the ceiling a few times until you see a stretcher. Use the corkscrew on it, then use the handle you have created to escape.

You are in an autopsy room of sorts. Go over and use the red blinking light to turn on the lights in the room. Now open the filing cabinet to read some medical records. Go over and examine the desk, and take the cigarettes and little bottle. Examine the Bunsen burner to see it is working, then open the drawer and take the chemistry book and scalpel. Back away from the desk and look at the skeleton to get the skull. Also take the thigh bone from the ground. Now go and examine the drawers you escaped from to see a body and realise there is someone else locked in another drawer. Try to use the projector. Look behind the projection screen to get some color filters, then lower the screen again. Look at the skull in your inventory to find a film reel, then use this in the projector. Also use the filters in the projector, then use the projector on the projection screen. Use the controls to pause the film on the focused frame, then look through the blue filter to see “218” and through the red and yellow combined filters to see “2180”. This is a combination code.

Return to the desk and open the metal box with the code to get a letter. “As I said already, I can’t do anything with the photo. It looks like the person concerned has left the village, and is therefore of no further interest to me. I have a new job for you. As far as I know, the fire fiend will be released next week. He’s a ticking time bomb that could blow up again at any time. Perhaps we could encourage him a little. Watch him, don’t let him out of your sight. I want you to write down everything he does. Further instructions to follow…M.” If you can repair a photocopier, an intercom would be child’s play. Now use your scalpel on the cassette player in the shelving next to the desk. Use these wires to repair the intercom near the door. Use the projector on the door, then use the intercom to get Phil’s attention. After he enters, hit him with your thigh bone. Look at him to get his shotgun and key ring. Use the key ring on the locked drawer and open it, then try to wake Ralph up. Use your chemistry book on your little bottle to get a recipe for smelling salts. Go out through the door to head upstairs. Pick up the stag’s head from the floor near the back of the room, and look at the display case on the right to get a flask. Return to the morgue and go over to the desk. Use your file on the deer antlers, then put the powder in your flask and put the flask over the Bunsen burner. Turn on the Bunsen burner and light it with your lighter. Go and use the smelling salts on Ralph, then give him Mr Bubby and he will leave. Go upstairs, then use Phil’s key ring on the cellar door to lock him downstairs. Pick up an empty plastic bottle from the left, then use Phil’s key ring on the drawer and take the gun, ammunition and necklace. Pick up the diskette from the left of the desk, then read the post-it note on the computer monitor. Use the computer and enter password MORGUE. On the computer, Darren will open the storeroom door. Now go over to the cupboard on the right and look at the drawer, then open the secret compartment, which happens to be Phil’s treasure vault. Read a list that documents money. Is this a bounty list? Is that why Phil locked you up? To get the bounty? Darren finds video cassettes. “Ralph – Summer 1990”. “James – August to October 1979”. Darren takes the Ralph cassette. Use the video cassette with the television to watch it. Ralph tied to a chair. It’s a torture video. In disgust, Darren stops watching. You can play space attack on the computer if you want. Go out through the front door and break the intercom. Look at the waste container to the left of the building and use Phil’s key ring on it to get a cardboard tube and an iron M. Dump the gun in the bin, then leave and go to town.


Talk to Constable Zak in the police station, and Denise in the cafe.


Go inside and you will confront Murray. He confesses to writing the letter and having Darren followed. “You’re a killer after all”. Then he starts spouting about how you, an american, coming to England, starts killing people and then accuses a respectable hotel owner of blackmail. Hmm…I wonder who that could be? “You’re up to your neck in it. Do what I tell you and you’ll stay alive at least”. At this point, Darren loses it and goes for Murray. “We’ll see who’s gonna stay alive!” Murray sprays something in Darren’s face and legs it. “I wanted to kill him. I had no scruples whatsover. There was something liberating about it. What’s wrong with me?” Darren pops another pill and calms himself down. Darren needs to find these photos that Murray talked about, that shows Darren running away from the fire when he told police he was nowhere near the fire at the time. Go to Murray’s office on the left. Look at the big steel cabinet to see it is locked with a combination lock. Look in the drawer on the left, then on the drawer of the desk to get a user manual. Read the manual to find out how to get the combination code. You need to find the serial number of the security locker (8528-173) and Murray’s date of birth (1942). With this information, you can call an automated desk that gives you an emergency combination code (4 RIGHT, 8 LEFT, 15 RIGHT, 16 LEFT, 23 RIGHT, 42 LEFT). Now read the diploma on the top left to get Murray’s year of birth. Use your ruler on the steel cabinet, then leave the office and go to the hallway leading to the rooms. Read the plan on the right wall. Take some pliers from the toolbox on the floor. Now enter Room 2. Use your ruler on the wall here, then use your scalpel on the wall, and use the cast iron M on the hole. Look in the hole to get the serial number. Return to Murray’s office and use his phone to get the combination (see above). Now open the steel cabinet to get a photograph and a folder. Look in the folder to learn more about Spooner. Murray was bluffing. There are no compromising photos of Darren.


Head to the castle and you will see the White Lady at the crossroads – follow her to the castle. Look at the menhir, then go through the gate. Look at another menhir, then go to the front door. Try to go inside, but you hear men inside. Head around to the back of the house by going around to the right. Look at 2 more menhirs, then enter through the back door. Pick up the candle from the right, then go out to the hall to see the workmen, Steve and Greg. Back in the kitchen, light the candle with your lighter. Use your pliers on your ammunition to get some black powder, then put this in your cardboard tube. Use the lit candle on the tube to seal it, then attach the cigarette to make a firework. Go back outside and around to the entrance. Put the firework in the broken lamp on the right. Run back around to the kitchen and wait at the edge of the hall – you will automatically head upstairs. Try to enter Victoria’s room, and you will eventually get there after hiding first.

Talk to Victoria. Tell her you can prove your innocence. Show her the photo of Angelina killing Miss Valley. Miss Valley was supported financially by the Gordons as she was the leader of The Order. When Darren describes the white lady, Lady Victoria seems hopeful. She wants to know more about her. It’s Maria, Mordred’s wife. She can find no peace. She wanders the woods searching for her and Mordred’s child. Victoria has seen her too. Adrian asks about the child. “What i’m about to tell you has never left these walls”. Mordred took the child away because he believed it not to be his biological child, but his brother, Marcus’ child, and he wanted Maria to pay for that. What he did with the child remains a mystery to this day – it was never seen again. However, it is known that he took the child to the catacombs under the castle. Maria summoned Marcus to help, and it was here where Marcus challenged Mordred to the duel and killed him. He never did find the child, though. It was as though it disappeared. Victoria asks Adrian for some paper and a pen so that she can confirm his identity. She asks what happened in the ritual chamber and discovers that Adrian did indeed complete the ritual. The spirit of Mordred is now in him. “How do you feel, Adrian?” He explains his violent visions. Then Victoria asks when he last saw the white lady… “Just now, before I came into the castle”… “Then you haven’t done evil. Your heart is still pure.” “Resist him, Adrian. He wants to control you. He will get stronger and you will get weaker…” “There are only 2 ways to banish Mordred – Mordred’s vessel must be destroyed…you know what that means, don’t you, Adrian…. The other option is to go back to where everything began….it’s all written in the book…under the ground…the six menhirs….will point you to the entrance…the path begins there…the path you…have to follow…to the end…to the very end…”