Black Mirror III - Walkthrough


Black Mirror Castle


Adrian is brought back to the castle and is sleeping. Valentina and Edward are talking in the library. The exorcism failed. Father Frederick is dead. You are now in control of Valentina in this scene. In face, in this whole chapter you alternate between Valentina and Adrian – which is later crucial. You need to find the Black Mirror in the Catacombs below the castle. Whilst Adrian is sleeping, start looking for the entrance to the Catacombs. Read the Gordon file in your inventory, then use the telephone. The library floor is raised more than the other rooms on this level – perhaps there is a secret passageway here somewhere. Go out to the kitchen, then into the cellar and down the stairs. Examine the barrels, puddles, dark corner, well, water pump and large lever, then go back upstairs and back into the library. Examine the columns between the bookcases, then use your match there to notice a draft. Use the columns to reveal a strange keyhole. Head upstairs and into Victoria’s room. Take a syringe from next to the machinery at her bed, and take the jewellery box from the dressing table on the right. Leave the room to see Adrian. He feels hungover. At least his eyes are normal again. He learns that the exorcism didn’t work. Talk to him about everything (he will break open the jewellery box for you and give you a sword handle). Return to the library and use the sword handle in the keyhole, then examine it in your inventory. So, it was Valentina who wrote those messages. They needed to be sure that Adrian was still pure of heart, and it seems he passed all the tests.


Head to the library and talk to Valentina.


Give the sword handle to Adrian.


Enter the police station and talk to Spooner to receive the bracelet. The case is closed. Angelina’s letter convinced the judge.


Go to the gate and look in the letter box to get some sunglasses. Walk away from the castle along the road, and take the road towards Warmhill, then take the side path to the hut. Walk inside and you will look around and automatically leave again. Go right back out on the path, and you will hear singing voices when you reach the crossroads. Was that Ralph? Head back inside the castle. Head upstairs to your room again. Open the wardrobe and you will take some pliers and a candle. Use the pliers on the bracelet, then put the ruby in the sword handle. Go down to the library and use the phone to call the fortune teller. Now use your sword handle in the keyhole and head down the stairs. Look at the water basin, then look at the 2 symbols on the floor and the 4 symbols on the pillars. Talk to Valentina about all of this, then head back upstairs. Go to the kitchen, then into the cellar. Take some salt from the bucket. Plug one end of your extension cable into the socket on the wall, then pick up the other end and throw it downstairs. Light your candle with your lighter, then go down. Pick up the end of your extension cable and attach it to the construction light on the floor to get light in the room.

Look at the well and you will call down to Valentina. Examine and open the water pump on the right, then take the chain from over the well and attach it to the pump. Pick up the wire hanging on the right and attach it to the water pump. Now pick up the power cable in front of the water pump and put it in the grate next to the well. Put your salt in the puddles over on the left, then get the 3 phase power from the ceiling and put it in the salty puddle. Pull the large lever on the back wall to turn on the power. Go and use the controls on the water pump to raise the elevator. Use your rope on the well. Go back upstairs, into the library and downstairs again to the sewers. Talk to Valentina to make a plan.


Go through the kitchen to the cellar and downstairs to the well.


Get into the cage and pull the rope. Now you need to quickly match symbols as they were shown on the pillars. Look at the symbol at the top and click on the matching symbol at the bottom, then turn right to the next one and repeat a total of 4 times:

  • House – Jar
  • Trident – Flowers
  • Bird – Head
  • Fish – Hand


Look at the statue and the large relief to its left. Now look at the offering dish beneath the statue and you will trigger a mechanism releasing 6 capsules on chains along the wall. Look in the capsule on the far right to get a golden key. Use this on the stone door on the far left; you need more of them. Look at the helmet on the floor, then at the first sarcophagus. Try to open it, then Valentina will help you. Look inside twice and you will take an arrowhead. Repeat this with the next sarcophagus and you will get a warrior shield. Pick up the sword from the ground here. Mordred then reappears to comment on how magnificent the sword is. Open the third sarcophagus and you will get a fish. Open the last sarcophagus, but it is empty. Look at the hole to the left of the door on the right, then reach inside to find a map. Now go through the stone door on the right (ignore the warning). You need to avoid the shades in this area; the map you just found shows the number of doors that should be open to light each room; the shades must stay in any room that is darkened. You open and close the doors using the levers next to them; you can separate your characters but they need to be together to open any sarcophagi. The easiest path is as follows:

  • Adrian: Open the door to the south and proceed south
  • Adrian: Open the bottom door to the east and proceed east
  • Valentina: Move to join Adrian
  • Adrian: Open the sarcophagus and look inside to get a crown
  • Adrian: Open the door to the east and proceed east
  • Adrian: Open the door to the east and proceed east
  • Adrian: Open the door to the east and proceed east
  • Valentina: Move to join Adrian
  • Adrian: Open the sarcophagus and look inside to get nothing
  • Adrian: Go all the way back to the southwest room
  • Adrian: Open the top door to the east and proceed east
  • Valentina: Go all the way back to the northwest room
  • Valentina: Close the doors to the west and the east, then go south
  • Valentina: Close the doors to the north and the east
  • Adrian: Open the door to the north (the shade will flee west)
  • Adrian: Head north and close the door to the west
  • Adrian: Search the niche to get a decorated bowl
  • Valentina: Go to the southwest room, then east twice
  • Valentina: Open the door to the north and proceed north
  • Valentina: Open the door to the north
  • Adrian: Open the door to the east and proceed east
  • Adrian: Open the door to the east, then look at the green light here
  • Adrian: Return west and close the door behind you
  • Adrian: Open the door to the west, then go south and close the door behind you
  • Valentina: Go back to the southwest room
  • Valentina: Close the bottom door to the east
  • Valentina: Open the door to the north (the shade will flee east)
  • Valentina: Go north, close the east door and open the west door
  • Valentina: Go south and open the east door
  • Valentina: Go to the room east of Adrian (open 1 door along the way)
  • Adrian: Join Valentina, close the north door and open the east door
  • Adrian: Go south and east, then close the east door
  • Adrian: Open the door to the north (the shade will flee west)
  • Adrian: Go north and close the top west door
  • Valentina: Move to join Adrian
  • Adrian: Open the sarcophagus and look inside to get a staff

Leave the maze by going back through the way you entered. Have Valentina look at the relief to the left of the statue, and look at each section for some information. Now switch back to Adrian and use the offering dish. Place your arrowhead, bowl, staff and fish in the dish, then all the capsules will line up. Look in the capsule on the far left to get 6 keys, and use these on the stone door on the left. Go through the door and follow the bridge through to the chapel. Open both sarcophagi here, and take the sword tip from Maria’s sarcophagus on the right. Talk to Valentina, then examine the altar to see more hieroglyphs. Click on the symbols in this order (given mostly by the symbols from the relief earlier):

  • Sun
  • Crown, bread, house, boat, shield, goblet
  • Axe, head, sword, arrow, shield, bow
  • Moon


Head down through the secret passage into a laboratory. Examine the swords on the right, then talk to Valentina and ask for her dagger. You now remember how to open the door. When you and Angelina were here as kids, you opened the door with your blood. Head through the door.


Examine the Black Mirror and the altar, then return to the laboratory. Examine the swords, the lectern and the alchemy table, then return to the colonnade. Look in Mordred’s sacrophagus to formulate a plan.


Valentina asks about the book. New writing appears in the book. Mordred writes that it is possible for the soul in the mirror to leave the mirror if its shade is bound in the world. Mordred wants to bring King Armundor’s soul out of the mirror and place it in his son’s body. Mordred used Armundor’s bones on the altar so that Armundor’s shade be bound to his own bones. Then Mordred killed his own son to release the son’s soul and leave an empty body. Adrian realizes that that is the Gordon curse. Mordred lured him (male Gordon) to the mirror so that his soul that is in the mirror can come out and join the shade that is already in Adrian’s body.


Valentina has a plan. She wants to send Mordred’s shade back to the mirror but wonders if there are other shades in Adrian’s body. She asks Adrian to read about shades in the Book of the Guardians. Shades are born in death forced into this world. They can neither be caught nor appeased. But the green flame unsettles them. So shades are born in death but behind the mirror. Look at the black stain on the wall and use your dagger on it, then take the sword. Examine the altar: Click on altar. Mordred’s soul is in the mirror. If Adrian should die here, Mordred’s soul will take over Adrian’s body. Mordred’s shade has to be taken out of Adrian’s body. They have to be sure that Mordred’s soul can’t leave the mirror and Adrian’s soul not leave his body.


Go to the laboratory and automatically asks Adrian if there are more writings in the book. Mordred cannot revive the boy after he killed him for the transfer. He created a shade for his sword; which means he can use his sword on the other side of the mirror. If he enters the mirror without dying, he can use the sword and rule both sides of the mirror. The blade has a black stain and it is spreading. Valentina asks about the ritual for the soul transfer. Examine the swords: Check the swords that Adrian touched when Mordred came out. Valentina realizes that Adrian needs a sword to fight at the other side. We need Mordred’s sword.

Examine the alchemy table and poison: Check alchemy table on the left. Valentina thinks that she can release Adrian’s soul by poison to fight Mordred with the sword. If he dies, the adrenaline boost will resuscitate him later. Check Mordred bones: Go back to the church at right. Look in Mordred’s sarcophagus. Valentina thinks that they should use Mordred’s bones to lure Mordred’s shade out of Adrian’s body just like Mordred tried to do to the king’s body. Valentina asks Adrian to move the bones to the altar later.


Valentina explains what happens to souls that die close to the mirror. The good souls fly free while the bad souls are trapped in the mirror. The shades of good and bad souls are formed behind the mirror. Souls in the mirror are slaves to the shades. Mordred soul is defenseless in the mirror. They need to bind Mordred’s shade to his remains here. The shade cannot go back to the mirror then. Adrian’s shade can now enter the mirror and fight Mordred’s soul. Adrian has to die in order to go through the mirror to do this. Valentina will resuscitate Adrian with the adrenaline. Mordred’s shade will be held on this side by trapping the shade in his bones. They need a sword that is usable on the other side. They need Mordred’s sword since it already has a shade on the other side. The sword is in the Tea room and is the cause of the mold- fungus that bothered the castle workers. Adrian needs to lay out Mordred’s bones while Valentina gets the sword and check about the poison in the library.


Chapel: Check Mordred’s sarcophagus. Adrian wants to know the arrangement of the bones. Use the Polaroid camera with the sarcophagus. Adrian takes a picture of Mordred’s skeleton. Take Mordred’s skeleton now. Go to the altar in front of Black Mirror. Place the skeleton on the altar. Using the photo as guide, arrange Mordred’s bones. Click-hold-drop the bones in place. See white circles that forms where the bone can be dropped. Drop the bone when the 2 circles are made into one. As additional help, use the stains on the bones as markers to know which side of the bone is the correct one. The bones can be turned by right clicking them. Take note of the wide ends or other bone characteristics to match the bones. When correctly done, a sound is heard and automatically pull back. If not start over. Yup, that looks right.


Be at the Tea Room. Look at the black stain on the wall. Use the dagger on the black stain. Take Mordred’s sword with a broken tip. Exit the room and automatically be back with Adrian.


Automatically be Adrian. Talk to Valentina. Automatically be Valentina and is at the lab. Check the alchemy table and Valentina picks up the poison. (That was quick.) Go back to Adrian at the altar. See Adrian lying on the table with Mordred’s bones. Use the sword on the table or Adrian. Valentina gives the poison to Adrian. Valentina watches the mirror and does not see Adrian but Mordred. As soon as the fight is over, use the adrenaline on Adrian. The last of the Gordons has done it.

After the credits, watch Adrian updates his diary. Later he will add to the Book of the Guardian. Read the diary for the explanation of what happened at the Chapel, Black Mirror and Gordon Family. Adrian explains about the black balls. It is used to trap and control shades.