The Next Big Thing - Chapter 4



Inside the MKO Pictures’ zeppelin, FitzRandolph orders Zelssius to find the body of Big Albert. FitzRandolph places Big Albert’s brain in the safe. Liz talks to FitzRandolph. Something is going to happen after an hour. Liz tells FitzRandolph of her intentions.


In this chapter, you take control of Liz. Look around the office. There are 2 safes. Liz is only interested in the top one because that’s where Big Albert’s brain is. Try to take it “First get FitzRandolph out of the way”. The portrait of Robert H. FitzRandolph, “my captor’s grandfather”. The shelf “No reading. If I get started, I’ll forget what I’m doing”. The painting “It’s an early Turner”. Try to take it “No, no, no, no!”. The cart is a folding cart. You can’t tell by looking at it, Liz just knows it is. Try to take it “We strongly recommend not stealing while the owner is still in sight”. The pipe “this is like FitzRandolph’s extra arm”. Fireplace “I’m more of a refrigerator person”. You can also examine FitzRandolph. He’s tagged under various names which change each time you click on him SOMEONE WHO DOESN’T DESERVE WHAT HE HAS, A SCOUNDREL WITH THICK SKIN, A BAD GUY. Exit to the left to be at the adjoining room. Look around. Check the kitchen knives display on the wall “The pairing knife, the carving knife, the bread knife, the pate knife” and get a pen knife. The sculpture “I don’t recognize it”. Try to interact with it “He has a nice body, but I’m a lady. No touching”. Try going down the spiral staircase and you will encounter a robot who will not allow you to go any further. The spiral staircase leads to the footbridge where you entered the Zeppelin. Take the parachute on the wall right of the spiral staircase. Examine the door “Where does this lead?”. The photograph is of a….crocodile. Liz freaks out. Talk to Adrian the robot. The robot doesn’t understand how Liz knew his name. They talk about food. Learn that he is afraid of the cold. Enter the double doors left of Adrian. It’s the walk-in freezer. Check the frozen man inside “His style is dubious, but his glasses are pretty”. Check all the food items inside the freezer and Liz takes note of every food item in the freezer. Go back to the dining room. Talk to FitzRandolph. Tell him I want to eat… Then select the items that Liz found in the freezer. FitzRandolph calls Adrian. He ordered all that Liz mentioned. That forces Adrian to enter the walk-in freezer. Now Adrian is taken care of.


Go left to the adjoining room. It’s the armoury. Look around. The box hanging has a trapped Malaysian Parakeet in it. It’s so much in distress it’s making an awful noise. Liz has to do something about this. See heads of his monster actors. “How can FitzRandolph do this to his actors?” Check the pistol cabinet. Get a pistol that is not loaded. Examine the rifles “They make too much noise”. Examine the target and see that it has a tranquilizer stuck in it. Try to take it and get a box of tranquilizers. Examine the shelf full of mountaineering equipment. Take a ski pole for no reason that Liz can think of. Check the polar bear at right. Liz makes faces at the bear. “You don’t scare me”. Note that the exit back to the previous room is now called ROOM WITHOUT CROCODILE. In inventory combine the tranquilizer dart with the empty pistol.  Use the pistol with the tranquilizer with the Malaysian parakeet. Turn the pulley in front of the box to lower the box. Liz wonders if by using the pulley a secret love nest will be revealed “With FitzRandolph you’ll never know”.


Exit to the next room. Look at Adrian’s working table. Examine the syringe. Take the syringe. It’s sharp. “I’d be crazy to pick that up”. Liz picks it up. In inventory combine syringe and tranquilizer dart. Examine the bowl full of fennel extract. Try to take it. “It has too strong a smell. I like the way I smell”. Examine the mold. Take the mold that has traces of chocolate. Go right to the dining room. Use the syringe with tranquilizer on FitzRandolph’s pipe. FitzRandolph is knocked out. Liz gets the speech about the change in direction of MKO Studios. She will read it in more detail later. Right now her head hurts.


Exit to the adjoining room. Take the spiral staircase and hear that Liz is stopped by a cowboy robot. Liz tries to use her low-cut dress on him but it doesn’t work. “That always works in the movies. I always thought that wearing a low-cut dress would have more advantages”. Go back to the dining room. Exit right to the balcony. Check the curtain ring above the door. It opens the glass dome that covers the balcony. Liz can’t reach it. In inventory combine the ski pole taken from the trophy-weapon room and the mold to get foolishness. Return to the Armoury and check the lowered box of the Malaysian parakeet. Try to open the box of the parakeet. Liz won’t but she gets the strap. Go back to the balcony. Use the ski pole with hook-foolishness on the curtain ring. “If this works, I’m painting my nails electric blue to celebrate”. The balcony cover opens, but Liz doesn’t have any electric blue nail polish. Liz looks down at the footbridge and now Liz has an escape route. Liz sees something on the ground that will help her escape.


Go back inside. Try to open the safe at the corner. You’ll be confronted with various combination possibilities. You can try and open the safe but nothing works. Take the dessert cart left of FitzRandolph. Use the dessert cart with the safe at the left corner. Liz moves the safe onto the cart. Use the strap from the Malaysian parakeet with the safe. Now the safe is stable on the cart. Use the parachute on the safe on the dessert cart. Use the cart “The time has arrived to open the refrigerator”. Liz pushes the safe out to the balcony and off the zeppelin. She lands on top of the walkway and bypasses the cowboy robot guarding the stairs. She rides the motorcycle and uses the small knife taken from the weapons room to cut the parachute off the safe which has conveniently landed on the bike. Check out the music. FitzRandolph laughs diabolically.


The Poet and Dan are at the pier and they see Liz on the motorcycle equipped with Big Albert’s brain. “Why do women always supply the brain?” As the narrater tells the story, we see the intro of the game. This is where the game began. Big Albert tells them why he was in his office. FitzRandolph inserts a chip in the brain of his monster actors through the ear. The monsters then follow orders this way. But why would FitzRandolph need to do this with actors who are only playing in family movies? Liz’ headache is getting worse and worse. She ignores it while reading the speech. Liz tries to escape but the one hour grace period expired – the chip in her brain is activated and she is now under FitzRandolph’s control.