The Next Big Thing - Chapter 5



Dan and Professor Fly are at Zelssius’ lab. Dan is strapped to a chair waiting to have the same chip inserted into his brain. There are no chips for insects yet so Fly is safe for the moment.


Talk to Professor Fly caged above Dan. Zelssius locked him up and suspended him in a cage to humiliate him. Learn that when Fly gets mad he salivates. His saliva is corrosive. Talk to Fly completely. Fly is confident that he can take out the chip in Liz’s brain. Ask him to spit on Dan’s left hand shackle so that his saliva corrodes it. Fly hits Dan’s left foot instead. He won’t try and spit again for fear of missing and causing Dan harm. Click on the lever by Dan’s left foot. That lowers Fly’s cage. Now that Fly is a little closer, talk to him again to spit on his left hand. Fly runs out of saliva. There’s only one thing left now: you’ve got to make Fly angry. Talk to Fly about everything and try to make him angry. Nothing works. Dan asks Fly if Zelssius has ever proposed doing anything illegal with him, and Fly said never, although he has a friend that proposes such things. Zelssius told him of this friend and asked him what he would think if his friend should ever propose manufacturing chips to put into people’s brains. Fly was happy that this friend was imaginary. Click on the exit under Fly’s cage – place where Zelssius went. Talk to that place to call Zelssius. Keep calling him to listen to funny answers. When the question about the half-pint wants to play you for a sucker dialogue is asked, this sets off a mini cutscene where Dan tells Zelssius that Fly has already made his first moves to escape. “That’s why his cage is so low, and you haven’t even noticed! Ha!” Zelziuss sprays Fly with something and knocks him out. But this does the trick. Fly’s drool level is incredibly high now. Dan is released. Dan leaves to take care of Zelssius. Liz walks in and Professor Fly alerts Dan. Professor Fly extracted the chip in Liz’ brain. Uh oh – a piece of the chip is left in her brain and she’s now in a coma. The Poet holds Liz’s hand and tells her not to give up.


Liz is in her subconscious. The Poet arrives to tell her to find her one true wish. To do that she must first overcome shame and confront her greatest fear. The Poet gives her 2 buttons. Liz enters an elevator – see the panel below. The top numbers/floors have white buttons and the lower numbers-floors do not have any buttons to push. Press 11 to go to Queenie’s studio. Liz comes out into a dark room with a blank canvas on an easel. Check the blank canvas that reminds Liz of Queenie, one of her sisters. Queenie appears and says that she needs 5 paintings for tomorrow. Queenie asks Liz for ideas – scenes that will inspire her to paint. The scene also changes and fills out to a art studio. Talk to Queenie. She needs 5 paintings for tomorrow for an exhibition. An artist dropped out and she was asked to fill in. Her paintings are selling quite well. If Queenie signs her painting in flameproof red Q it triples in price. Learn about things in Liz’s past: babysitters, Anne-Marie is another sister and their mom. Look around Queenie’s studio in Paris. Examine the Bale of Hay and get a sewing kit (needle in a haystack), the shelf has artbooks and painting supplies none of which are of use to Liz. The dresser has a photo of Queenie’s boyfriend and the window is fake.

Enter the elevator again and press 14, the top right button. Exit into a bathroom. Check the painting of Spencer McDundee. Check the safe on the left. “FitzRandolph stole my courage and placed it in the safe”. How did Liz know that? Try to open the safe. McDundee starts speaking and tells you that he knows the combination. But why should he do anything for Liz when she’s done nothing for him? Check the coat stand with a birdhouse – the man that makes us not want to bathe. Liz takes the helmet and remembers how she escaped from FitzRandolph. “Pros: it prevents you from messing up your hair when you are riding on a motorcycle. Cons: when you take it off, it messes up your hair!” Check the bathtub and see that the single faucet works. Water comes out of the shower head. The other one is missing the little star that turns it. Check the mobile and Liz remembers again about her babysitter.

Enter the elevator and press 80, the top left button. Liz sees herself behind a glass wall. The other Liz is the one still under the influence of FitzRandolph and sitting in a recording studio. Liz tries to make contact with the other Liz. Look around the room. Check the boxes and Liz knows what are in them. Liz is slowly getting her memory and ability back. There are a lot of boxes and it is well worth checking them just for the comments. They are quite amusing. Check the table. Take the notebook from the table and Liz’ remembers Big Albert getting into FitzRandolph’s office. Another memory recalled. Check the cactus and take the button of The Next Big Thing. Liz recalls another memory. FitzRandolph lied about the new direction MKO is going. The other Liz is reading the script announcing the start of FitzRandolph’s campaign to run for congress. He places chips in the brain of those who opposes him. The monsters are changed to be more family oriented to show a positive image that will help FitzRandolph win the election.

Enter the elevator. Use one of the 2 buttons given by The Poet on the bottom left slot. Automatically the button is sewn and Liz goes to Floor 73 the ballroom. Liz talks to Armando. Learn that Liz’s embarrassing moment is at the dance floor. Liz decides to face this shame and will dance. Armando wants her to get a dance card first before she is allowed to dance. Talk to Armando. Cards grow in damp places. The orchestra is a bunch of flowers that is at the center of the floor. Check the bar. Take the juicer at right end of bar. Check the ice bucket in a shape of ice cream cone at left end of the bar. Liz wants an ice cream. “Things to do when this is over: one, make a chocolate cake for 12, get an ice cream and buy electric blue nail polish”. Take the teddy bear inside the cone. Liz remembers scaring a polar bear at the zeppelin. Take the hip flask on the floor in front of the bar. Liz remembers an argument with Dan Murray.

Enter the elevator and go back to Queenie on Floor 11. Give her (in any order) the hip flask, teddy bear, TNBT button, notebook and helmet. Each of those scenes is painted by Queenie. Queenie runs out of flameproof red paint she uses to sign her paintings.


Enter the elevator. Use one of the 2 buttons given by The Poet on the bottom middle slot. Automatically the button is sewn and goes to the crocodile room on Floor 5. Learn that Liz’s greatest fear is a crocodile. Look around. See crates of Malaysian parakeets above the elevator. Check the card tree at left and see a fire extinguisher – ah, flameproof. Use the juicer taken from the ballroom with the fire extinguisher. Get a jar of flameproof red paint. Enter the elevator and go back to Queenie. Give Queenie the red paint. Note the canvas that Queenie is painting. Queenie does something for Liz. She paints the head on McDundee’s portrait. McDundee likes the look of Queenie and gives the safe combination. Liz opens the safe and gets the medal-courage that FitzRandolph took. Talk to McDundee again.


Enter the elevator. Press the bottom middle button. Now that Liz has courage, enter the crocodile’s mouth. Liz hops into the mouth. Get half a button for that effort. “Half a button? After all i’ve done?”


Enter the elevator and return to the bathroom. Take the shower head. Go back to the crocodile room. Remember what Armando said about where to find a dance card. Click the shower head on the card tree at left. Liz can’t reach it. The Poet comes and lifts Liz. Go back to the bathroom. Turn the faucet to get water. Go back to the crocodile room. See that the card tree is loaded with ripe and plump cards and is leaning. Take a card and Liz automatically takes one with a pencil. Automatically, Liz is at the ballroom talking to Armando. The first dance is a tango but the orchestra doesn’t know how to play.

Liz has to teach or lead the orchestra to play tango. Examine the orchestra (flower in the middle of the dancefloor) and a flowerpot with flowers in it will open. This is a random puzzle. Armando says that they have to be in unison and not all should be heard. There are 6 flowers, 4 of them will be an instrument playing tango music, 2 will be a decoy. The 4 instruments are piano, violin, bass and drums. First identify which flowers have these 4 instruments by clicking on each flower to listen to them. Click again to switch them off. The trick of this puzzle is to make sure all 4 instruments are playing in unison. The best way to do this is to click on the first instrument that has a good rythmn and let it loop, then switch on the 2nd at exactly the same time a new loop starts. Do this for all 4 instruments. If you get it wrong, the flowers will wilt and a new puzzle will start so you will have to through the whole process again. Armando asks Elisa-Liz to dance. Liz dances but definitely not a tango. Liz gets the other half of the button.


The 2 halves of the button fuse and the complete button is placed at bottom right slot-25 of the elevator panel. Liz enters a jungle room and finds Tarzan-Dan. Talk to Tarzan Dan. He has very limited vocabulary. Liz finds her one true wish.