The Next Big Thing - Chapter 6



Dan tells a comatose Liz to be strong and to fight. He wants to know where the boxing tickets are. Professor Fly calls Dan and tells him not to disturb Liz. Professor Fly tells Dan to get 2 components for the chip extractor he is making and to keep FitzRandolph away from the lab.


You are in control of Dan again in this chapter. In his inventory, he has a robot leg which he prefers to use as a bat. The escape is being discussed by the think tank – the 3 best minds in the world: Big Albert, The Poet and the Immaterial Man are in conference. Go right and see the 3 wise men talking behind the glass panel. The Immaterial Man was coated by paint to keep track of him. Talk to anyone of them and Dan will press the button at left and hear what they are deep in discussion about. They are playing I Spy.

Go to the lab at bottom of screen. Check Liz and Dr Zelssius. Press the button of the switch left of the metal door. Ooops! A bunch of robots come up from the floor below. Dan quickly presses the button again to send them back. Phew! Exit through the elevator at the end of the ramp above. Dan exits to the main building through the secret entrance behind the vending machine. Try to open the secret entrance. Uh oh! Ingenious, but now Dan can’t get back in. “Nice. Elevator 1, Dan 0”. Look around at the posters and statues. Go left and look through the door at right. Dan sees FitzRandolph viewing a film featuring an Amazon, fat guy and Liz. Looks like an interview. FitzRandolph opens the door and talks to a supposedly chipped Dan. FitzRandolph is viewing an advertisement. He will be down at the lab after the viewing. Afterwards he asks Dan to come talk to him. Don’t click on the conversation topic “Don’t go down to the lab…”, this will be covered shortly.

Enter the room at left. Dan talks to Eva Morte and Grim Reaper, the 2 most hated actors in the world. They are chipped and are behaving themselves. They are now spokespeople of FitzRandolph. They are not authorized to tell Dan what it is they are spokespeople for. “If we told you, we’d have to kill you, but we are not allowed to kill either” “What a mess” says Dan. Check Liz’s coat hanging on the coat rack by the door. Go left and check Liz’s purse on the table. Aha! The tickets to the match on Friday. Dan takes the boxing tickets. He could go home now. After all, he’s got what he wanted, hasn’t he? “What would those half-wits in the lab do without me?”. So he realizes that it was not the tickets but helping the others through this problem that makes him continue on. See a box with a bracelet and note. It was given to Liz by Barry Zelssius. Check the chair left of the purse and take the letter. Look at the note in inventory and see B025. Exit the room.

Knock on the projection room door and talk to FitzRandolph. Ask FitzRandolph not to go to the lab because Zelssius and I need privacy. Dan shows him the bracelet and note he found in Liz’s purse. RitzRandolph laughs and says that he will cancel his visit to the lab. He now believes Dan and Zelssius are gay and interested in each other.


Use the note taken from the set chair on the vending machine. Dan punches in the 4 digits of the note and the entrance opens. “Elevator 2, Murray 4. Great comeback. Game over”.

Enter the metal door at right. See a barrel of gunpowder by the window. Take the robot head on the ground at left. Go back to the lab. Go to Zelssius’ area under the stairs. Go left and call Fly down. He needs a chip and a glass that Zelssius uses to charge them. Use the robot head (for the components Fly needs) and later the bracelet (for the glass that Zelssius uses) on Fly at the ceiling. Fly leaves to make the chip extractor. Dan talks to a comatose Liz. Be strong like a rock.

Back in Liz’s mind, Tarzan Dan gives Liz a rock. Liz uses the rock to break the glass wall separating her and the other Liz. Liz talks to the other Liz. Liz realizes that the other Liz is still under the influence of FitzRandolph’s chip.


Enter the elevator. Top left button-41 is back to other Liz. Top right-30 is Anne-Marie’s studio. Go to Anne Marie. She’s playing the piano. Talk to Anne Marie who is 5 minutes older than Liz. So, they are triplets. Learn about the voodoo doll experience that Liz had in New Orleans. Liz thinks that she needs 2 personal objects to place on the doll. She can then have control over the person that owns those 2 personal objects. The baby sitter that Liz tried this on was Stacy. Anne Marie can play any musical instrument. See and click on Queenie’s voodoo painting at left. Click on the painting several times and Liz will see a doll in the painting. Look around the room. Examine the jacket. It’s the jacket Liz got at FitzRandolph’s house. Liz takes the jacket. Examine the diploma on the far right wall to learn that Anne-Marie studied simultaneously at New York and California by commuting back and forth, and on top of that took a flight attendant’s course as she was spending so much time on planes anyway. Examine the crank at the side of the table. Try to use it “If you turn it, it becomes a love nest”. The crank comes off. “Oh! I was mistaken. If you turn it, it comes off!”

Go to the elevator and press the 68th floor. See the reason why the other Liz is still under Fitzpatrick’s influence. Look at Zelssius. Try to talk to Zelssius. He can’t see or hear Liz. Hmm…Go to the elevator and press the button at bottom right-52. Be back at Tarzan-Dan’s cave. Take the tom tom on the floor at bottom left. Check the menhir behind Dan. “It’s harder than Dan’s skull” Talk to Dan and learn about the witch doctor. Learn that the witch doctor and Dan watch sports together. When the knife is asked, Liz fails the knife throwing but gets an apple. Go back to Anne Marie at 30th floor. Give her the tom tom to play. Anne Marie wants a sheet music to play the tom tom with.

Go back to the other Liz at 41st floor. Talk to the other Liz about her makeup. Other Liz checks and sees that the makeup director is not here; so she can’t change her makeup. Talk to her again about the makeup person. When the other Liz leaves for the second time, immediately check the bag. Liz gets the boxing tickets and the bracelet given by Zelssius. Go back to Tarzan Dan. Give him the boxing tickets. Tarzan Dan swings back and gives the tribal tom tom sheet music. Go back to Anne Marie at the 30th floor. Give Anne Marie the sheet music and she plays the drum. Enter the painting. Liz sneaks by the dancing voodoo priest and takes the voodoo doll. On the way out of the painting, the phone rings and Anne Marie stops the drumming to answer it. Liz freezes inside the painting. But Anne-Marie is not one to not finish what she started, so he goes back to the drums and finishes playing. Exit the room.


Go to the other Liz at 41st floor. Check the useful box of tools beside the other Liz. Get the clamp and magnet from the box. In inventory combine the magnet with apple to get magnetized apple. Go back to the 52nd floor and Tarzan Dan. Talk to him to do the knife test again. Watch as the knife hits the magnetized apple.


Go to Zelssius at 68th floor. Look around. The robots turn the gramophone. The beat for the robots is the drumming done by Zelssius. Zelssius must be stopped from hitting the drums. Check the car and take the parachute from on top of it. Maybe another memory. Use the knife won from Dan on Dr. Zelssius to get a piece of apron. In inventory combine the piece of apron with the voodoo doll. Cute! In inventory, combine the voodoo doll with the bracelet. We have the Zelssius face. Now those are 2 materials on a voodoo doll used to control the person that owns those items – like in New Orleans memory. Use the clamp on the doll to hold the arms. That controlled the arms of Zelssius and the drumming stops.


Liz’s other self disappears and the original Liz gets an idea about the advertisement. See the ad filmed by chipped Eva Morte and Grim Reaper. Liz wakes up and tells Dan of her plans. They will film a new campaign ad when the 2 monsters are free of the chip. Fly has finished making the Chip Extractor. Watch the infomercial.


The chips are removed from the 2 monsters. But back to being their own selves, they refuse to cooperate. Dan shows his self sacrificing self. Give the boxing tickets to the monsters. The monsters and Liz are going to film a new commercial now. See FitzRandolph carry the campaign ad film and leave the building. Dan checks the projection room and sees that it is closed. Go through the main doors to Willie’s office and talk to Willie FitzRandolph completely. Learn the reason he used Liz and the 2 monsters for the interview and the reason to run for congress. He stands to check the picture on the wall. It’s at this moment that Dan has the idea of swapping the films while FitzRandolph is standing. Go through the secret entrance-vending machine. Go to Dr. Zelssius working area under the stairs. Look at and take a tea bag from Fly’s counter at left. Go back to the bottom screen to the lab. Enter the metal door. Take gunpowder from the barrel by clicking the tea bag on it. The tea is replaced with gunpowder. Dan learned his lesson from a memory when he was young – he now knows how much gunpowder to use. Exit the area and go through the elevator above. Go to projection room door. Use the gunpowder bag on the projection room door. Exit through main door to talk to FitzRandolph. Convince him again to stop smoking. FitzRandolph gives his pipe. Use the smoking pipe on the projection room door. Dan gets Edgar’s steam gun. Go through the vending machine. Go to Zelssius’ area. Go right and check on the 3 wise men. Use the steam gun on Immaterial man. Liz arrives with the new film. Dan returns to Willie’s office and while he is standing checking his pictures on the wall, Immaterial who is invisible and in the room swaps the film with the new edited version. Watch the switch.

Note the end and you get to see the identity of the narrater…a very nice touch indeed!