Post Mortem - Gameplay


The main menu has new game, load game, credits, cinematic, options, and quit. The options menu has the adjustments for sound, music, subtitles, bit depth, anti-alias, gamma correction and screen adjustments.

Post Mortem is a mouse driven point and click game. Press ESC to skip the cinematic. Right click to access the bottom inventory bar where you can view and access your items in inventory. The notebook accesses the main menu. The map of Paris enables one to jump from one place to another. At bottom right is the return arrow to go back to a previous screen or out of a close up view. To save the game, click on the notebook, choose save game and click on a blank frame.

The game has several paths that it can take depending on the choice of dialogues or actions, and there is not much difference between them. Save the game before starting a dialogue so that you can go back if need be. This walkthrough is done using the path I chose.