Sudeki - Walkthrough - Chapter 3



At the end of the road, Ailish gets assaulted by a swarm of Venom Gnats. Use her Shockstaff weapon to take out multiple targets at one time and the fight will go easier.

Here, you face a pair of Scarecrows too. If you want to use Blaze Ball, just try to get them both lined up. You can manage just fine with your regular weapons, though, as long as you keep moving.

The road ahead is now clear! Take the path opposite where you entered, staying on this side of the bridge. Continue until you see a herd of sheep.

There’s a shepherd with his sheep. Talk to him to start a sheep-herding mini-game, after choosing to wager either 50 or 100 Florins. Run near the sheep to make then run in the opposite direction you approach them from. Get a clump together and push them towards the entrance to the pen just up the hill from where the herder is standing. Once a sheep is in the pen, it’ll stay there, so just worry about the rest. Each time you get one in, you’ll get a message saying how many are left. It’s easiest if you start by going down the road and rounding up the stragglers there, then deal with all the ones on the grassy hill. You can cheat a little too by rounding some sheep up and placing them near the pen before you talk to the herder and initiate the game. The prizes are as follows:

50 Florin wager – BRIGHTWATER PEARL;
100 Florin wager – ILLUMINA OPAL.
Plus, you get 50XP the first time you win. You can return at a later time and repeat the game as many times as you want. You have to drive the 10 sheep Into the pen. You have 1 minute to complete this.

Keep going down the road and eventually, the path widens into a small clearing with some signposts. If you go straight ahead following the signpost, you go through Spirit Valley. If you go to the right towards the save point, you take the Path of Mo. Let’s start with the latter.

Take the lower path from the save point. You shortly come to a signpost advertising a trader. Follow that path. Have Ailish dispel the wall at the end of the trader’s path to reveal a hidden cave. Mandrik the trader, who specialises in gems is waiting inside. Keep following the path. You’ll come to a small red signpost that points to the Cat Shrine, which you need to return to later with Buki. At the top of the sun-bleached ramp, you re-join the path on the other side of Spirit Valley.

All there is in Spirit Valley is a fight with a pack of Wolufs and a red Pack Leader. Kill the Pack Leader first to cause all of the Wolufs to be slowed. Up ahead, there are more signposts indicating where the path back to the Path of Mo starts, and also pointing the way to progress ahead towards Shadani-Mo. Take that path, leading to the left.

Here, you encounter a Pack Leader and Wolufs again. Take them out, and a whole bunch more will appear and surround you. But it’s Tetsu to the rescue! Enjoy the FMV, in which you get the WITCH ARMOUR and Ailish’s first SPIRIT STRIKE. You also earn 20XP for some reason. After the series of events, just head out of the valley where the twin signposts point the way.

Continue and go up the stairway. You will see a sign. Follow it to the Mo Altar. Remember this location because it’s easy to miss. Now continue up the stairway till you meet a fork. The left fork will lead you back to the save point so go straight.

There’s an anthropomorph family here without much to say, so just keep following the path until you reach the outside of the city, where there’s a save point and a Kamo’s Shop. The ramp into Shadani-Mo village is on the left. Go past the entrance to the village and move along the wall to the corner. Ailish can dispel a wall blocking a cave here, but no one can enter it right now.

In the house that the blacksmith is working beside, there’s a tunnel leading down to some crates that you can’t move, so ignore this spot for now. Talk to the woman – Tamista – outside a house to enable another quest. Quest: Duct Soup. She will give you 3 LUSTER WINE if you give her what she wants.

NOTE: Outside there’s incense burning. Check it out and you will recover your SP.

There are 3 other side areas to the village: the yellow-flagged area on the right side leads to the Shadani Temple. If you try to enter there before speaking with Carrick Lore, you receive an extra quest to find him, which will net you 40XP that you wouldn’t get if you just went straight to the lore-master first. Enter the green-flagged area to find the ‘Council Room’, with a treasure chest tucked behind the stairs. The red-flagged area is the elder’s housing area. Enter the first, central hut to speak to Carrick Lore and ask about your friends to acquire the HUNTING SPEAR, which will let you enter the temple. Quest: Clear Temple-Mo. There’s also another treasure chest in his hut.

CHEST ITEM: Eagle Totem

Once you’ve got Carrick Lore’s blessing, head up the path to the temple. Once your friends are in sight, an FMV takes over, and Ailish and Tal take the lower level while Elco and Buki take the Upper level. After the FMV, use the orbs you found earlier on Tal. Go back to the village’s main entrance. Enter the second house you see (make sure you control Tal). This is a storage tent. Inside, you will find pushable blocks and some chests. Solve the puzzles.

NOTE – You may want to engrave some Anti-Venom Runes into your armour. There will be a poisonous enemy inside the temple. If you have the money, engrave some Anti-Evil Runes, too.

Now go to the temple’s entrance. You can save your game outside the temple before heading in. You can also go back and rest in the inn if you want to restore Tal’s or Ailish’s health and SP. Inside, follow the winding path down and around to enter the temple proper.

After wiping out the spiders that come down from above, it’s puzzle time. Stand Ailish in the middle of the room and look at the glowing fireflies in first-person view. Dispel the illusion that was hiding the blue torch. Now have Tal push and pull the torch so that they’re each over the block of the identical colour. The three blocks are all between the starting positions of the red and green torches. You get 30XP each for solving this highly-complex puzzle, and the doors with the blue flags on the side of the room open up. Continuing onward, head down the tunnel and stop at the save point if you wish. Further below, you come to an optional fountain room. Walk under the water to be fully healed. To the left of the fountain, there’s a wall that Ailish can make vanish. That’s all you can do for now, you’ll have to return later with other party members.

At the bottom of the tunnel, another round room awaits with more spiders to eliminate. Opposite the entrance to this room, go up the ramp that encircles it. At the top, have Ailish dispel the wall. Inside, there are 3 urns of incense, red, blue, and yellow. Opposite this room, there is a torch and 2 closed gates. You have to throw incense into the large torch to make the colour that corresponds to the small torches by either gate. You can also only carry one colour of incense at a time, so you have to make a couple of short trips.

Open the green gate first! Throw blue and yellow incense into the fire to do so, then go up the ramp and enter the next room. Fight 2 Impaler Spiders, and then open to chest to receive an EAGLE TOTEM for Ailish.

Go back to the incense and pick up red and blue (one at a time) to throw into the fire to open the purple gate. You get 30XP for doing this (you also got 30XP for opening the green gate). Go up the ramp to switch parties.

You will now control Buki. Change the AI of Elco and Buki to D (defend) right away. Remember it’s easier to control a ranged fighter (so choose Elco).

NOTE – Elco comes equipped with Ion Fluxinator. This is his second best weapon before he gets his Ultimate Weapon. Equip it right away and stick with it.
Around the rim of the level you start on, there are 2 locations for Buki to climb. Each is marked by moss on the wall. Move Buki to these walls and left click when the action indicator reads ‘Climb’.

Going counter-clockwise from the start, leads to a lever that you must pull to open the exit door. Going clockwise from start, climb the mossy wall with Buki to reach a treasure chest for an ORB.

Enter the door with the yellow flags and go down the tunnel to a small room, where you fight a couple of waves of spiders. Get used to fighting with the new characters. Open the opposite door and continue onward. You eventually reach the top level of the Shrine of Mo, where Ailish and Tal pushed some torches around. After a fight, it’s up to Elco to fly through the rings on this level.

Battle Tips: Elco’s Ion Fluxinator can pierce through enemies. In battle, try to find a perfect angle Where you can hit multiple enemies at once. Just try to line them up and hit them hard!
Stand near the yellow crystal to the left of the entrance to charge up your jetpack meter, then left-click and hold to hover. Use the Direction Keys to fly around the room clockwise, passing through the pair of rings to unlock the door. If you fall to the ground, just climb up the ladder to another crystal and try again. Go through the E door that you unlocked. When the tunnel turns to the right, look left to find a treasure chest with another ORB OF POWER. Just down the path there’s a save point. Ahead, you enter a square room where you must fight a whole bunch of Arconites. Open the chest in this room to receive a new weapon for Buki: SALIZEH. Equip it right away.

NOTE – If you want, you can let Elco fall in the hole to break up some items that are down there.
Ahead, you enter the Dragon Chamber. Your duo splits up here. As Elco, go counter-clockwise to reach an energy crystal. Charge your jetpack and fly across the gap, then keep flying until you reach the floor with 2 circular runes. Get on your feet and stand on one of them. Switch to Buki now, and go to the fallen debris by the entrance to this area. You can climb the wall up and over the debris. Do the same across the next gap. Stand on the other circle, and the game switches to the other partners again.

You can go back along the path to smash open some breakables if you like, or just go ahead and open the door in front of you. Inside the long hall, advance a bit to trigger a fight with some Arconites. Afterwards, head to the far end of the hall and stand in the circle in front of the large statue. Have Ailish look to either side and dispel the blocks in front of the totems. Tal must pull each totem out 3 spaces and push them over once to cover the squares on the ground. You gain 50XP for this feat, and the doors beside the statue are unlocked.

Head through them. Go through another set of doors to enter the Dragon Chamber, on a level below Buki and Elco. Go clockwise around the ramp until you reach the floor. Here, there are four glowing panels surrounding a central ring. You must more the four pillars with glowing blue gems in them onto the 4 panels, so that the gems are all facing inwards. You get 65XP for accomplishing this, and the dragon statue breathes fire, burning the webbing blocking a cave at the very top of the ramp. Head up the ramp and enter the room you opened, and use the save point. Head into the tunnel to trigger an FMV reuniting the entire party. Buki must fight Queen Ghara, guardian of the temple, alone.

BOSS: Ghara, Queen of Spiders (6000 HP)
A very easy battle, if you know the trick. First, cast Spirit Wind on Buki. Now take a good look around. You will see the round centre and what appears to be a dark-brown path spreading in four directions, each with a green spotted wall at the end. Ghara will do a charging attack on you to hurt you. The idea here is to let her crash into those green spotted walls. Just stand on one of those dark-brown paths and wait for her to lift her body (this means she is about to charge you). Once you see her lifting her body, get out of the way. Ghara will crash into the walls. Now’s your chance to hit her. Approach her and use the (2) (2) (1) combo repeatedly. You can usually do 2 full Juggling Move 2 before she frees herself. After that, repeat the whole process until she is history. Beside the charge, Ghara also has a blasting attack, which will hit you if you stay too close to her, so keep your distance. She also has a purple spray attack, which will induct Slow on you. Use a sapphire panacea immediately if you get a Slow status. She will shoot more spray as her life goes down. And none of Ghara’s attack can be blocked. Buki receives 750XP and the VAMPIRE FANGED SCROLL after the fight, and another FMV ensues.