Sudeki - Walkthrough - Chapter 4



  • CHEST ITEM: Orb of Might x 2, Debilitator weapon for Elco

Quest: Return to Illumina. Just down the ramp from the portal area, the path leading out of here is dead ahead. Don’t take it yet, though. Go left a short distance and find the mossy wall for Buki to climb. Have Buki climb the wall just counter clockwise from the ramp to find a treasure chest. The team gets 25XP just for this, in addition to the chest contents. There’s also a path at the N side of the area that leads to some breakables. Now you can go and take that main path on the E side. Follow the path until you reach a bridge.


At the bridge, the camera view changes. Your goal is to cross the bridge without letting the ghost heads touch you, because they take away 50 HP and 25 SP each time. It can be hard to judge when they’ll touch you, so just do your best. They won’t kill you outright. At the other end, there’s a save point, and past that, a hell of a fight. Watch your health, especially since you’ll be easily poisoned.

  • Battle Tips: Since we have a free resting place, don’t be afraid to use your skills! Use Elco’s Tesla shield to reverse bad status effects, and his Nano Enchancement at the beginningof every battle to quickly get rid of enemies. If Elco runs out of SP, use Tal’s Iron Warrior. Use Ailish’s Witch Kiss to heal when necessary and don’t use any items.

If you survive, head through the gate at the other end, and run up the winding path. At the top, before entering the metal gates, take the path to the left to the end. Touch the glowing orb near the treasure chest: this is a GHOST ORB and it will help you when you cross another Bridge of Skulls. Return to the gates and enter. This is another large battlefield, and watch everyone’s health. Don’t be afraid to use lots of Skill Strikes, and even Tal’s Spirit Strike would be in order.

After the battle, head to the E end of the field and go N through a small wooden gate. You’ll find a house by the save point. Enter it and climb the ladder to trigger an FMV in which the team meets Hexam. Return to Hexam’s house and speak to him at any time to fully heal the party. Quest update: Return to Illumina. With key in hand, you can now also open the large gate in the previous area (after another fight, of course). This is a good training place. You can build up a few levels here, resting and saving when needed. It is possible to go up to Level 13 here.

You now get to cross another bridge of Skulls. This time, due to the power of the Ghost Orb, every time a ghost touches you he heals 50HP and 25SP, but only for the lead character. The orb disappears when you reach the other side, but there’s another Ghost Orb on the right for you to use. Please do so, and also note the save point here. Enter the Hall of Heads. This triggers the next boss fight.

BOSS: The Dread Lord Farex Lore (10000 HP)
Farex Lore is the only boss in the game whom you can fight together as a team. Of course, he is also the only boss in the game whose minions you also have to fight. Start by casting Nano-Enchancement right away. There’s no special strategy for Farex Lore. Just use Elco and his Ion gun to attack him and his minions from a distance. If you want a challenge, you can try to fight Farex as Tal or Buki, just don’t do it when his minions are still around. If you have any trouble at all, just use Tal’s Iron Warrior. Block his attack first, and give him a quick counter attack. You receive the SOUL SEEKER SCROLL for your trouble. Quest Update: Return to Illumina.

Continue; don’t forget to open a chest with DEBILITATOR in it. Useless weapon, stick with Ion Fluxinator. Have Buki climb to the other side. Once there, try to find a path going right (from your point of view). You will see a chest at the end. Use the ORB on Tal. Continue through the main path. In an FMV, Buki picks up the navigation stone, and Tetsu appears to her, granting her a SPIRIT STRIKE and the MIST TIGER ARMOUR. You also get 25XP for picking up the stone. Return Buki to her friends and head back out toward the Shadow Nexus Portal Station.

Along the way, you will meet Pitt, right before the Shadow Nexus. Quest: Souls for the Ferryman. Talk to him and you can trade Spirit Orbs that you have gathered for some weapons. If you follow the training advice you will most likely have 99 orbs now. So go trade 75 orbs and get the last orb and trade it with Pitt. All these weapons are useless except for JAKOME, Buki’s best weapon for now.

NOTE – Once you receive all the weapons from Pitt, he will exchange any extra orbs for 50 Florins each. Take advantage of this.
At the Shadow Nexus, another FMV ensues. You all return to New Brightwater

Quest update: Return to Illumina. Your job this time is to find a boat to rent so you can return to the castle in style. If you try to leave the village by going up the road past the Shadani encampment, or by entering the stone portal, Ailish complains and makes you turn back.

So, talk to the boat guy, Caspin, near the docks, and he’ll ask you to retrieve his oars. As Buki, move to the cliff right beside the blacksmith, and climb down the wall where the barrier is missing. Pick up the oars by the smashed boat, then climb back up and return to the boatman. Talk to the blond man walking around, Reddish, and ask him about his job in the castle to receive TALOS’ LETTER. You must do this before you return the oars to the boatman, or do it on another visit to the town. The letter doesn’t do anything for you, though; it’s just something to add to your valuables list. Oh, you can also examine the side of the bench to find 50 Florins. The lady in the red dress, Sasan Miko, gives you a hint of this if you ask her about the town.

Upgrade your weapons, especially Buki’s and Elco’s. Engrave 2 razor edge runes onto Elco’s Ion Fluxinator, and 1 jagged edge and 1 razor edge runes onto Buki’s Jakome. If you want, you can engrave 2 razor edge runes to Ailish’s Batolith. That should make it a lot more powerful, making it Ailish’s best weapon for now (equip it right away).

NOTE – With a base power of 105, Elco’s Ion Fluxinator is the most powerful weapon you have now in the party.

Before you talk to Caspin again, go up to Shadani encampment. Talk to a tiger man named Wazim. He will give you another quest (you must control Buki when talking to him). Quest: Skulls for Wazim. Be sure to save some Arconite Skulls! After you talk to him, enter Kirklin-Rah’s tent. Use Buki to climb the wall and get the CAT TOTEM there. You can offer them in Mo’s Altar (It’s on the path to Shadani-Mo village). Now go talk to Caspin. If you finish Wazim’s quest, he will give you the KEY to his tent. There’s a chest and you can also rest there.

Quest: Install the Crystal. This is the first time you’re in the castle with the whole team. If you’ve been following this walkthrough, there aren’t many new things to do, but if you didn’t do them earlier, this is a good time to visit Ailish’s room by the training grounds, and go to the Garden via the bridge beside Kamo’s shop.

Now, training is in full swing. There’s a pen on the left side with a hanging straw dummy, and any character who steps in there can practice their combat. Also, General Arlo will be standing in the back. Talk to him to pick up a new quest where you have to bring him Cyantine Eyes. Quest: Eyes for Arlo. Give him what he wants and he will give you the KEY to his room in Lusica’s Garden (that was the only locked room when you went there earlier). You’ll get another ORB OF SANCTUARY.

Switch to Ailish and go to the courtroom. Talk to Porkin Binsce, the man at 11 o’clock. You’ll get a BALCONY KEY. Now go out and switch to Elco. Go in and enter the door at 3 o’clock (you just got the key). Go up and have Elco fly around. There’ll be a chest with an ORB OF MIGHT inside. Continue through the end of the balcony and get down the stairs. Pull the switch. Now go out and switch to Ailish. Go in again and enter the 9 o’clock door. Go up the ladder. Dispel a chest and a wall. The chest contains another ORB OF MIGHT. The wall also contains another chest with another ORB OF WISDOM in it. Exit and switch to Tal. Go up to that floor. You will see a pushable wall, so push it. Enter and once inside, push the first block you see as far as you can. You’ll get another ORB OF POWER.

Exit and switch to Buki. Go to where Ailish was the last time. You’ll see a distinctive wall. Climb it. You’ll get another ORB OF VIGOR. Now exit for the last time.

NOTE – You have to go to the balcony before you talk to the scientist.
Now go to the palace and talk to the scientist standing in front of a vault like door (it’s the only door in the inner wall). Say yes. General Arlo will visit Tal in his room – to apologise! You will then be in control of Ailish. After the event, go straight away to the courtroom. Quest: By Royal Command. The Queen feels that Ailish is irresponsible for going off without informing her. Ailish wants to prove to the Queen that she can look after herself. Quest: Transentine Crystal. Go straight to Parham County and go to the save point nearby.