Sudeki - Walkthrough - Chapter 5



CHEST ITEM: Orb of Vigor
When you reach this area, you get into a fight with some Venom Gnats and Scarecrows. Cross the bridge for another similar fight. On the other side of the bridge, the cart that was previously blocking the left path is now gone. This is the road to Transentia. Behind the house by the river, there’s an ivy-coloured wall for Buki to climb, provided that Tal moved the outhouse out of the way earlier. Climb it to reach the treasure chest. Retrieve the ORB OF VIGOR.

Pass Fatty’s Scrap yard, and stop once you go through another arch and see a signpost pointing to Transentia City. Look to the right to find a cave behind a tree stump. There’s a treasure chest in there with an ORB OF VIGOR in it. After a battle encounter, continue up the road. Watch along the right side of the road for a break in the cliff marked by some large pipes. Head to the back of that dead-end and turn around. Climb the wall in the back of this area with Buki to find… another wall. Climb up, across and down that one to reach a chest with a weapon, VESHCHENEGA, for Buki.

Just ahead, along the left side, there’s a break in the wall, but ignore it for now. It’s for Elco later on. There’s a trader and a save point up ahead, too. When you reach a closed drawbridge, it’s up to the 2 of them to put the pieces back together. First, have Ailish dispel the green button on the side and press it.

Now, Buki must climb down the cliff beside the end of the path. There’s another button for her to press there, completing the bridge. There’s another wall for Buki to climb at the other end of this platform, leading to a mechanical cave with many breakable items and, more importantly, a chest with a CAT TOTEM.

Reunite the pair and move them across the bridge. After a fight with some Arconites, Tetsu appears to Ailish again in an FMV. She gains another SPIRIT STRIKE and the SERAPHITIC ARMOUR.

Head through the next gate and go down the road. Notice the Dragon Shrine on the right side. You can’t do anything here now, so continue onward. After a brief fight, go through the cave, then down the docks and talk to either robot to board the flight to Transentia. You will be taken to Transentia, and the journey will now continue with Tal and Elco.

CHEST ITEM: Dragon Totem
You start part-way up the road already. Just ahead, on the left, watch for the break in the wall beside the water tower. Have Elco climb down the ladder there. Charge your jetpack and fly over to the green button. Press it, then immediately fly past the previous platform, between the metal pipes, and to the cavern at the back of this area to the chest to collect a DRAGON TOTEM. Float to the ground and take the ladder back up to the crystal. You can fly back and smash the chests if you want. Follow the same path as Ailish and Buki. Elco can offer the Totem.

NOTE – Give the orb to the one you think will most need it. Keep in mind that Tal will later face the final Boss alone, so you might want to build him up considerably.
Continue to the airship where you last saw Ailish and Buki. Talk to either robot to hop on.

Transentia City
CHEST ITEM: Dragon Totem, Wolf Totem
When you reach Transentia the Transentine Crystal quest will be updated. Quest update: Transentine Crystal. Walk straight ahead and you will get another quest. Quest: Fix the Elevator. Before you climb the ladder, go right pass it. As usual, Tal will be able to push and pull blocks. Solve the puzzle. You will get another WOLF TOTEM. Now use Elco to climb up. Fly across and climb up, then cross to the other side. Check the machine. Now go back to the platform you just crossed, and now fly in the opposite direction to the machine platform (to an area where you can’t see anything). There will be another platform with a chest on it. You will get another DRAGON TOTEM.

NOTE – Talk to the repair man to get a LUSTER WINE later in the game. But you have to leave Transentia and return again to the pub to collect it.
CHEST ITEM: 500 Florins
On this level, you can find a blacksmith, a save point, and, down the stairs, the Rusty Cog tavern and inn. At the bottom of the stairs, if you go left, you’ll reach a work area with a treasure chest behind one of the big pipes. You can also talk to the ‘female’ robot outside the tavern to receive the Heart’s Heart quest. Talk to the robot outside the lift when you want to go to another level of the city. Quest: Heart’s Heart.

CHEST ITEM: 500 Florins, Wolf Totem
There’s a treasure chest right beside the lift entrance, underneath the stairs. Up the stairs, you’ll find Kamo’s, and the entrance to the university. Across from the entrance to Kamo’s there’s a ladder leading to a special arena. Have Tal climb the ladder and accept the battle challenge. You can talk to that bot with Elco and Ailish for a rather funny remark.

SECRET BOSS: Hunter Killer War Machine (10000 HP)
Basically, this is just a super-charged Arconite Warrior. Start by casting Iron Warrior right away. He has a 3 combo attack, so avoid it and move quickly behind him. Strike him with a (1) (2) (1) combo, which really works well. Hunter’s most powerful attack may be the Energy Ring which can cause 2000 damage, so make sure your HP (and your Max HP) is beyond 2000. Important: Try to lure him into the corner and fight him. The aim is to easily avoid Energy Ring. When he is charging (you’ll know right away), get as far as possible away from him. If he’s near a corner, then go right to the corner diagonally from him, and stay there until he releases his attack. When hit, Energy Ring will dispel any beneficial magic (such as protect) that you have. So stay out and keep attacking him frombehind till he turns into scrap metal! After the tough fight, you’ll get a HUGE GOLD BAR and be sure to check the chest to get the last WOLF TOTEM.

Head into the university via the round sealed door. Go past all of the desks and talk to the teacher to take an exam. The questions are random. If you get 3 questions right, you receive a HEALING POTION. If you get any wrong, you can talk to him again and keep trying.

CHEST ITEM: 50 Florins
Go up the stairs past the desks to locate the professor and the ladies in an FMV. You get automatically taken to the Research Centre entrance. Before entering the research centre, climb a nearby ladder for a chest. Go to the house on the far side if you want to break some things.

CHEST ITEMS: 500 Florins
When you’re done, go to the 5th floor. Take the right fork and go all the way down to find a chest. Go back and take the left fork. Enter the house and talk to Milly to enable another quest. Quest: Omnium Collector. She will take 1 Omnium chunk and give you an Update Quest. Quest Update: Omnium Collector. Go to the 2nd floor and have a blacksmith engrave Anti Evil and Anti Venom runes for Ailish’s armour. For Elco, add 2 razor-edged runes to his Photon Phaser because you’re going to need it..

Head down the tunnel until you reach a circular room. Walk into the middle of the elevator and activate it. You’ll watch an FMV introducing Krenn at the bottom. Enjoy your first fight with the mechanical monstrosities that populate this area. The flying sphere controls the other machines to some extent, and if you kill it, the other machines will die. This is hard to do, though, but luckily, if you kill all of the machines, the sphere will die too. Remember to pick up any Omnium that is dropped, if you’re doing the Omnium collector quest.

Battle Tips: The best strategy is to hit the controller (the small round enemy that flies around). The others will automatically die when it’s destroyed. Keep in mind that you need a total of 21 Omnium to complete Milly’s quest.

CHEST ITEMS: Master key Card, Wizardwood [Staff weapon for Ailish]
After the battle, continue to the green door that just opened. After another battle, have Ailish dispel a wall nearby. Now you will see switches numbered 1 to 4. Pull switches 1 and 3. You’ll hear a sound. After that, pull switches 1 and 3 again, and pull switch 2 (so only the number 2 is pulled down). The door will open. You get 250XP for making it through. Open the chest for a MASTER KEY CARD. Have Ailish dispel another chest and open it for WIZARDWOOD STAFF, Ailish’s second best weapon. Equip it right away.

NOTE – Engrave 2 Razor-Edges Runes on Ailish’s Wizardwood Staff and you’ll have a deadly weapon. Wizardwood Staff can also penetrate enemies.
Exit and go back to the big room and this time enter the red door. Follow the path to another battle.

After the battle, you will control Tal. Quest: Obtain Transentium. Take the right stairway from the vault-like door. Go through the door. Follow the path into a big elevator. Use Buki to climb the squared wall and press the switch on the other side. Go back and push the left switch twice on the elevator. You’ll be in level 3. Go through the door and all the way down.

Go down the tunnel. Once you pass a gate, you’ll notice the elevator for the raw minerals on your left. So go get some raw minerals! Go to the bottom of the ramp and kill all of the extractors. Spirit Wind is a good Skill to use as the extractors pound on you. Once you’ve defeated them all and picked up the 6 Raw Minerals, head back up the ramp to the mineral elevator and use it (this happens automatically as you pass near it). After a FMV of the processing room in action, head back to the large elevator and press the blue button to go up one floor (Level 2).Enter the processing room and go down to the main floor. This will trigger a fight with some Hunter series robots. Afterwards, Tetsu pays Buki a visit again in an FMV, and she receives her second SPIRIT STRIKE and some new ARMOUR. Also, a gate in the upper area has been lowered. Have Tal move the power block on the right side of the upper level. Pull it back to unplug it from the lift control, then place Buki onto the lift and climb the grate beside it. Now, Tal has to move the power blocks into position in front of each the 4 platforms in a row so that Buki can cross each one. As she walks onto each platform, pull the block out from the previous one and plug it into the next platform.

When the blocks are positioned in front of the platforms, the platform rises. The solution is thus: put the first block in front of the platform to raise it, Buki climbs onto it, put the next block in front of the next platform so that there are 2 platforms next to each other that are both raised and Buki now has another platform, move Buki onto the next platform, take the first block from the platform that Buki was on and move it to the platform that Buki needs next, and so on.

With processed Transentium in hand, return to the elevator, press the blue button, and return to Elco. Quest Update: Obtain Transentium.

After another fight, take control of Elco and go up the stairs to the left of the central vault door. Charge up your jetpack by the crystal and climb the ladder. Fly to the centre of the room, climb the next ladder, and then fly over and drop onto either of the platforms with the switches. Pull it, and you should have enough fuel to make it to the other platform. Once you pull the second switch, Elco gets 100XP and the game takes over for a FMV, after which Elco must prove his mettle on his own. Head up the hall and ride the elevator in the middle of the room down (after saving, of course).

BOSS: The Krenn CPU [15000 HP]
Start by casting Nano-Enchancement, and re-cast it every time it wears off. Krenn has a pitiful attack, which can be dodged rather easily. He also has an Eye Beam attack, which can cause a large amount of damage. Just stay away from his eye line and you should be able to dodge it. You have to shoot him in the eye to damage him. After he takes some damage, he will make a ball of himself. When that happens, switch your gun to Photon Phaser, dodge the self-exploding enemies (you can kill them with one shot) and try to find an energy pillar that gives Krenn electricity (restoring his HP). Quickly shoot at it with you Photon Phaser till it’s destroyed. After that, switch back to Ion Fluxinator and hit him like before. If you’re quick enough, you can shoot 2 Ion beams before he makes a ball of himself again. After the fight, Elco receives 1500XP, the ESSENCE GNAWER SCROLL, and the TRANSENTINE CRYSTAL. Take the elevator back up and rejoin your friends.

Now go back up to where everyone is. After the happy chatter, there’re 2 things you still have to do before you say goodbye to this place. Quest Update: Transentine Crystal. First, go back to mines level 3. Fight enemies there and when you win you’ll get a HEART’S CIRCUIT. Give it to Heart later to get a DRAGON TOTEM. Second, you have to get those 21 chunks of OMNIUM to give to Miss Milly later. So get it. Exit. If you return here later, go into the Rusty Cog tavern and talk to Azgarth, the maintenance man you repaired the elevator for. He’ll say thanks and give you 2 LUSTER WINES for your efforts.

NOTE – You may want to get out first to re-supply and upgrade your weapons and armours.

Once you get outside, the first thing you need to do is engrave one razor edged rune and one spirit bite rune, each to both Ailish’s Wizardwood Staff and Elco’s Ion Fluxinator. Although a bit weaker than the original, both weapons can now absorb SP from enemies (considering the amount of damage those weapons do, they will receive a huge number of SP). You will need this setting on later journeys.

NOTE: This spirit bite setting will re-fill your SP so quickly that you don’t have to be stingy using skill. Ailish can heal when she wants and Elco can cast Nano-Enhancement whenever he wants: allowing you to dispatch enemies and giving you damage in return to fill your SP bar.
If you have the money, engrave some Anti Evil and Anti Venom runes to Buki’s armour. Don’t forget to collect that bounty from Miss Milly, which is a KEY. Now use Buki and climb a wall right outside Miss Milly’s house. At the top, there’s a power plant. Enter it with the key. Inside you will find the last EAGLE TOTEM.

Now, talk to Hayton who’s standing right outside the research centre. After telling you one or two things, he will go to the portal site. Quest: Use the Portal. Don’t follow him. First, you need to collect the ultimate weapons for every character.

NOTE – It is possible to get your ultimate weapons later, but it better to get them now.
Travel back to Illumina castle. Go to Illumina countryside. You will find a working portal and a save point nearby.

Now go towards Illumina castle a little and you will see Kariston Altar. Offer every Wolf Totem that you have and you’ll get Tal’s ultimate weapon, RUNIC BLADE. Equip it right away. Return to Illumina Castle and complete the quest with Ricardo the Tailor in the Palace Courtroom.

CHEST ITEMS: Melakorka weapon for Buki, Orb of Vigor, Dragon Totem
Now travel to Brightwater village on foot. You will see Olivitess Altar. Offer all the Eagle Totems you have for yet another ultimate weapon, NIGHTSHADOW. You don’t have to equip it right away. Continue to Brightwater. Get to the lighthouse. Warp to Temple of Mo. Go upstairs and enter the second door you see. Keep going and go down whenever you can. You will reach the fountain room. Use Elco to reach the chest in the left of the fountain, you’ll get the last DRAGON TOTEM. Use Buki to climb the right side wall. On top is MELARKORKA, Buki’s weapon. Pull the switch there. Go to the just opened door and you will find another ORB OF VIGOR. You’re finished here. Warp back to Illumina Countryside.

CHEST ITEMS: 150 Florins, Cat Totem
Travel to Shadani-Mo village on foot till you see the first save point. Go down and go to Mandrik’s store. Sell everything you want except for Shadowstones and Arconite Skulls.

NOTE: Everytime you want to sell gems, come to Mandrik. He offers the best prices.
Continue your journey till you meet Mo Altar. Offer what you have. Continue again till you meet a fork in the road. Take the left road and continue. You will see abridge, but don’t cross it. Instead there’s a sand waterfall there. Approach it and you’ll see a wall Buki can climb. You’ll get another CAT TOTEM. Continue to Shadani-Mo village. Enter the village. You can play a mini game with the boy, Lamper. If you win he will give you various prizes. He’ll challenge you to a bell-ringing contest, where you have to find and ring all 5 bells in the town. The bell locations are as follows:

In the village centre, just past the house with the Blacksmith
In the village council area (left side of main village);
In the elder’s home area (left side of main village);
Outside the entrance to the Shadani temple (right side of village);
In the first area to the right on entering the village, up the ramp behind the houses, and down the ladder into the pit.

Once you’ve rung them all, return and talk to Lamper to receive your prize: an ILLUMINA OPAL. Go to the house with an incense burner outside. Enter and talk to Opal inside, and she will give you BALUM’S STAFF. Quest: Balum’s Staff. Go out and through the nearby gate. Enter the second house you see. Talk and you will get another quest. Quest: Mafu’s Proof. Go out and enter the farthest house. Talk to Malik and he will give another quest (important). Quest: The Trials of Mo. Talk to Carrick Lore in his house; check his bookcase, pick up FALLEN WARRIOR’S SKULL and get a quest: Quest: Fallen Warrior’s Skull. Now go towards the temple. You will meet Campos. Talk to him to enable another quest. Quest: Shadowstones. If you give him what he wants, he will give you a weapon for Tal in the end: AGARTH’S CLEAVER.

CHEST ITEMS: 250 Florins, 500 Florins, 1000 Florins, 2000 Florins, Cat Totem
Once you’ve spoken to Malik, the Shadani village chief, you can take on the trials of Mo. Go outside the village and go left to the corner of the cliff wall. Have Ailish dispel the wall, then have Buki enter the secret cave. She will face 5 trials, each consisting of 3 waves of enemies to defeat..

Since you’re fighting alone, using your Asilas the Wolf Skill Strike is useful to distract the enemies. If you’re trying to do all of the trials at once, save your SP (or make sure you’ve got lots of restoring items) for near the end, and save a Spirit Strike for the end too. Your HP will also take a beating, so it’s well worth putting a Spirit Bite rune on Buki’s weapon. I chose to do the following and it worked for me: I put a Vampire Fang rune and Spirit Bite on Jakome. I also put Anti Evil, Damage Shield and Hex Proof on her armour. These runes will bring the power down, but in return any damage you receive from enemies will be transferred into SP. The Vampire Fang rune will increase the critical factor of the weapon. Use these settings for the first 3 trials, just fighting your way through. The 4th trial gets harder, so start using Skill Strikes as often as possible. Also switch to the Melakorka weapon, loaded with Heart Seeker and Razor Edged runes. Asilas the Wolf is a good one, or The Path of the Warrior. You’ll need to use this a couple of times to chop through the Scribes but you should have enough SP if you’ve saved it up till now. Then, in the very last wave of the 5th trial (toxic scribe) use your Spirit Strike. Whatever you do, keep an eye on your HP. It can be gone before you blink.

1st trial: 2 Wolufs + Pack Master, 4 Aquaticlaws, 3 Scarecrows.
2nd trial: Arconite Warlock + 2 Arconite Raiders, 5 Arconite Raiders, 2 Arconite Raiders + Arconite Warrior.
3rd trial: 3 Wolf Spirits, 2 Wolf Spirits + Eagle Spirit, 5 Wolf Spirits.
4th trial: War Wyrd, 3 War Wyrds, Illusion Master + 2 War Wyrds.
5th trial: 2 Illusion Masters, Wyrd Warlord + 2 War Wyrds, Toxic Scribe.
BATTLE TIP: For any enemies that can be poisoned, sue the Mephiticus, then you can just run around and wait for them to die. This is particularly useful with the War Wyrds and is almost a necessity since they can cast Regenerate [Poison will cancel Regenerate]. Keep using Storm Kick when surrounded and restore SP as needed. Cast Spirit Wind and keep re-casting it. Use Asilas the Wolf to get help. Combo 2-1-2 works well here. Remember to heal every Status Effect ASAP.

After each trial, you can either open the chest which automatically triggers the next trial or quit. You cannot do both. Either take the money or run! You can go out and ignore the chest, so you can save, but when you re-enter the cave to pick up on the next trial, the chest will be gone. You will get the last CAT TOTEM for your efforts.

Now go to Mo Altar and show him what you got. Another ultimate weapon, STAEYSEKIN. Equip it right away. Only one left! It’s time to finish this and collect that final weapon. Go to Lebius Altar in Rivet Point. Offer whatever totems you have left in your possession and claim the last weapon PLASMA LAUNCHER.

Now let’s go to the blacksmith in Transentia to upgrade your ultimate weapons. Make sure everyone equips their own ultimate weapons. For Tal, engrave 1 jagged edged rune and 2 soul seeker runes. For Buki, engrave 2 jagged edged runes and 1 soul seeker rune. For Elco and Ailish, engrave 2 jagged edged runes and 1 spirit bite rune.