Sudeki - Walkthrough - Chapter 7



  • CHEST ITEMS: 250 Florins x 3, Omnium, Rocket Gun weapon for Elco

This path is pretty similar to the one back in Illumina. There’s a trader along the side, and you reach a tunnel like the one back home too. Just inside, though, the path spreads out quickly. At the first signpost pointing to Devil Belch Canyon, take the path to the left down to an alternate Kariston altar. Just ahead, there’s a treasure chest by the rope bridge. The path meets back up with the high road. Go back along it if you want a fight with some Wolufs.

Just ahead, at the next signpost, the path splits again. The right path leads to a climbing wall, which is no good to you now. Go down the left path a little ways. Beside the signpost pointing back to Crystal Reef, have Elco climb down the ladder, then down another to a Lebius altar. Charge up by the crystal and fly ahead to the next landing. Charge up again, then fly around the pillar on the left to find a treasure chest. Go back to the previous landing. From there, fly straight out to the single barrel in the distance. From there, head to the pillar with the ladder going up at the end of the canyon. Get the chest behind the pillar before climbing up. Fly to the middle pillar with a crystal on this level, recharge, and head out to the final landing on this level with another treasure chest. From there, you can fly all the way back to the start. Once reunited, go ahead into the next wide area.


Get ready for a fairly big fight with some new monsters, though they’re basically just variations on things you’ve seen before. Keep an eye on your health and have healing items ready, since you don’t have access to any healing magic right now. Feel free to let loose with the Skill Strikes, and Spirit Strikes. After the fight, move to the North end of the clearing to find the signpost for Cyantine Citadel. Cross the bridge to reach another clearing with some more fighting, and then head out the far side where another signpost points the way.


More fighting. This area has lots of breakable items, so be sure to run around and smash them. Afterwards, head out the other side to find a portal ring and a save point. You can’t go back through the portal just now (try if you want to, but Tal gets all indignant). Head into the tunnel to the castle, which has seen better days.


On this side of the drawbridge, there isn’t much to see. You can go down to the docks but there’s nothing terribly noteworthy there. Head towards the closed gate to trigger a very revealing FMV. Afterwards, you must face a Wyrd Warlord in addition to a couple of War Wyrds. He’s tougher and even a little bigger. Feel free to use a Spirit Strike at this point. Open the drawbridge and head inside.


  • CHEST ITEMS: 250 Florins

First, Tal has to pull the boxes out of the way so that Elco can reach the crystal behind them. Just pull them all out and push one to the side, until you’ve cleared a path. Switch to Elco and charge up your jetpack. Now run out just past the crates. On your left around the edge of the wall, there’s a short flight of stairs and a ladder going up. They’re kind of in the dark. Climb up the ladder and use your jet pack to fly straight across all of the debris to another ledge. Climb the ladder there and cross over top of the gate to pull the switch, opening the way below. From the top of the first ladder, you can also fly straight across the room to reach a treasure chest. Open the unlocked gate and head inside.


After the battle, head through the NW corner of the yard to reach the door that leads to the gardens. Cross that bridge to trigger another FMV, revealing a few surprises. Elco finally gets a SPIRIT STRIKE and some new ARMOUR.


You will meet the characters of the “twin world”. Everyone is a duplicate of your PCs. You are asked to help this second world, as the light is fading. You can go back inside Caprine’s Keep if you like and talk to your friends, but there’s nothing of consequence inside. Check around the rim to find Kamo’s, a blacksmith, and an inn. By the exit, check the planks over the hole that, in your world, held the ladder that you used to get in and out of the gardens. You’ll find 250 Florins hidden behind the planks. Head through the gate and cross the bridge to leave. You leave with Kazel, Alexine and Nico. Nico is the twin of Buki, Alexine the twin of Ailish and Kazel is the twin of Tal.


  • CHEST ITEM: Orb of Power

Fortunately, these characters have the same special abilities as their counterparts. After you regain control of Tal, switch everyone’s AI to D (defend) immediately. Quest: Aklorian Stronghold Now this is the tricky part of the game: the battles ahead will be quite hard and you don’t have the benefit of Elco’s Nano-Enchancement. Have some runes engraved onto your new party’s weapons. Just make sure you engrave an Essence Gnaw to Alexine’s weapon because you’re going to need it. Have Alexine dispel the debris beside the gate to the bridge to the garden. Switch to Nico and have her enter the area it revealed, and climb the vine-covered wall in the rear. Open the treasure chest on top and climb back down.

Path to Aklorian Stronghold


After a fairly big battle on the main castle bridge, made more difficult by the close quarters, take the team out of the castle through the checkpoint tunnel.


This time through, you must fight a pair of Accursed. The real monsters are the mounds of bones. They generate the skeletons and keep them alive indefinitely. You’ll never be able to hurt one of the skeletons, but if you destroy the Accursed controlling them, they’ll all just fall to pieces.


  • CHEST ITEM: Orb of Vigor
  • NOTE: You can use the portal system to restand supply.

Continue from here till you meet a fork. Go to the sign that says “Aklorian Stronghold”. Go past it and you will meet Olivitess Altar. There are 2 chests here, look around. After that, continue past the sign till you meet a fork in the road. Go past the blue flags and keep going. You’ll see another chest. Now go back and take the remaining fork.


  • CHEST ITEM: 250 Florins

A fight awaits you at the top of the ramp. Head up to the next landing by the ramp on the opposite side, then go up one more time. You reach a crossroads at the top. Directly ahead, the path leads to the stronghold. On the right side, the ramp leads to Sherra, a researcher who will give you tips on monsters in the region if you talk to her repeatedly. There’s also a chest to open on her scaffold. If you go up the left path from the crossroads, you reach a save point and the Tree of Woe.


  • CHEST ITEMS: 250 Florins, Mammoth’s Fang weapon for Tal

Open the chest by the save point, and go up the ramp to the swirling lights. Head into the middle to trigger a fight with a Wyrd Warlord and 3 War Wyrds. After the fight, you receive a new treasure chest, and also the COMBAT FORTIFY SCROLL, which appears as dropped treasure (it has unique light effects to draw attention to it). Now, if you leave the top of the tree and return, you can trigger fights with an Accursed an indefinite number of times, but you don’t get any extra bonuses beyond the 100XP for each kill plus whatever they normally drop.


You can’t help but notice the ladder going up the side of the cliff just over the bridge. If anyone other than Alexine (or Ailish, if you returned here later with the regular party) goes up, they will be greeted and the party will be fully healed. If Alexine (or Ailish, again, later) goes up, she will be given the choice to accept Olivitess’ challenge. You are asked 3 questions. To answer each, walk up to the person you think is right, look at them in first-person view and dispel the image. If right, you will receive a breakable item with some treasure inside. Here are the correct answers:

  • Whom should you trust…? A: Alexine – receive 50 Florins
  • Who is the descendant of Kariston? A: Tal receive Illumina Opal
  • Who is not worthy…? A: No right answer.Choose any to start a fight.

After you win, you get a chest with an orb. If you get an answer wrong, it starts a fight and you get no Treasure: You will still get asked the next question, however. You can get into a maximum of 3 fights up here, if you answer every question wrong. The first fight is with a pack of Wolufs. The second is against an Accursed and its skeletons. The third fight is against 2 Illusion Masters. Remember that you must fight them all alone. There’s also a treasure chest on the side here with some Florins.

Back on the main path, Alexine must dispel the rocks blocking the path ahead.