The Forsaken Bride - Chapter 2 - The curse of the house haugwitz

The chandelier and the scaffolding have caught on fire. You have to put the fire out before it spreads. Not to mention that the poor bear is stuck underneath all that. There’s a vase with flowers in it on the floor to the right. Remove the flowers. Take the EMPTY VASE. Go to the Mountain Foot. Click on the boat mast and use the empty vase on the water to get a FULL VASE. Return to the courtyard (back into the castle and up the stairs) and use the full vase on the fire. Whew! Just in time. Examine the debris where the bear is lying. My god. The poor thing’s still alive. Poor creature… why was it protecting me? Examine the broken chandelier chain. Unscrew the bolt and take the CHANDELIER CHAIN.
Enter the Library – the door left to the secret room. Examine the open box in front of you “Always good to have a spool of thread and needle handy. No needle here, though”. Take the BUTTERFLY 1/4. Examine the casing on the right to see a butterfly and beetle collection “Some of the jewel insects are missing…” Examine the rolltop desk. Read the letter:
My dear Baroness, There is no doubt that your son’s affection for that miserable village girl will bring disgrace to our family. I agree that we cannot ignore this, especially after he gave her his grandmother’s ring. This situation is unacceptable and must be stopped at once! Yours sincerely
Click on the music box “There’s something hidden inside the music box, but I can’t fit my hand inside to get it.” Take the KNIFE and use it on the package. Open the box and take a NEEDLE. Return to the box in front of you and use the needle on the thread to get NEEDLE AND THREAD. Examine the hanging table “The jack is stuck under the table. I could try raising it, but the crank is missing.” Take the BUTTERFLY 2/4. Look more closely at the chain hanging from the ceiling. Use the chandelier chain on the ring. Examine the table again. “It’s too short to reach the tabletop”. Click on the bird silhouetting the moon. It’s too high. Use Kitty on the bird and, true to form, she will jump up, scare the bird away making him drop what he had in its mouth. Take the JEWELLED ROD. Go back to the music box in the rolltop desk. Use the jeweled rod on the music box. Take the BUTTERFLY 3/4.

Return to the secret room. Examine the stocks. Use the needle and thread on the gloves to get SEWED GLOVES. Click on the table in front of you to trigger another HOP. It’s a Construct a useful item HOP where you get the final BUTTERFLY 4/4.
Now go to the library and click on the casing with butterfly collection. Put all the butterflies into the casing to trigger a puzzle.
Butterfly Puzzle

The start layout is random, so unfortunately there is no solution. Swap the objects to recreate the pattern that is at the top of the puzzle. You can only swap neighboring tiles, including diagonal. Tip: work on one row at a time starting with the first. Swap until you have all the red in the first, all the green in the second etc. Once you’ve complete this, you can always swap the tiles within the row to put them in the correct order. Take the BUTTERFLY NET.
Click on the bird silhouetting the moon. Use the butterfly net on it. Take the JACK CRANK. Click on the hanging table and use the jack crank on the jack under the table. Now you can free the jack. Take the JACK. Return to the courtyard where the bear is, click on the debris and use the jack on the wood. Use the sewed glove on the shards of glass to the left. Select the boards twice. The bear looks up at you “What are you? What strange eyes you have… It looks badly hurt. Unfortunately, I don’t know how to heal animals… But I might know someone who does.” You will receive a HALF HEART PIECE.

Return to the Hut and speak with the woman. “Edward kidnapped her?! I’m confused.” “The bear was… nursing her?! Are you certain? And now it’s wounded?” “Necklace? What Necklace? Show me.” “My god! It… it can’t be…” There is a healing salve recipe in my book. Please, brew it and bring it to the castle. I’ll try to keep him alive. Hurry!”
Click on the table and then the book to see the Healing Salve recipe. It looks quite sophisticated. Hope I’ll get it right. Turn over and take the WOODEN DISC. Click on the alcove to trigger another HOP. This time, an item list. This is mostly finding the items listed below. There are, however, a couple of connected items (I’ve highlighted these in a different color on the screenshot below) In the game, these connected items always show up in red text:

To get the SPLASH: Take the feather and use it on the paper in the front center (red on screenshot)
To get the VIAL SET: Take the 2 vials and use it on the holder (green on screenshot)
Once you complete the puzzle, you receive SCALES. Return to the table and put the scales on the table. Go outside to the boat on the left and put the wooden disc into the totem on the right. This will release the boat giving you another point of direction: to the swamp. Go there. Examine the log and the plane: worthless without a blade. Examine the water on the right. Take the HOE. Look closely at the deer antler drifting on the water. It’s out of reach. Examine the purple flowers on the left of the tree. Looks like a Mandrake. I could dig it out with the proper tool and take the root. Use the hoe on the mandrake. Take the MANDRAKE ROOT and the VINES EMBLEM. Click on the door and take the HOOKED NAIL, and put the vines emblem on the door. Go into the tree. Examine the piece of paper on the rock in front of you. It’s a diagram of sorts describing how to grow a plant. Take the PEG on the right and place it into the hole in the wall at the back. Place the wooden gutter onto the peg. The idea is to create what is on the diagram: a gutter system allowing the water to flow onto the withered bean plant on the right. You need it for the healing salve. The third lower gutter is broken. It needs a replacement. Take the RUSTY PLANE BLADE that is stuck in the tree on the far right nearest to you. Go back 3 times until you are back at the mechanized stairway by the shrine. Click on the waterfall to trigger a HOP.

Complete the HOP and you get a SMALL MIRROR. Open the carving stone within the statue shrine on the left and sharpen the rusty plane blade to get a PLANE BLADE. Go to the hut. There is a fishing rod that is missing a hook leaning against the chair on the right in front of the fire. Place the hooked nail on the rod. Take the FISHING ROD. Return to the swamp. Use the fishing rod on the antlers in the water and take the DEER HORN. Place the plane blade on the plane, then use the plane on the log and take the WOODEN GUTTER. Enter the tree.
Pick up the PEG on the right of the screen and place it in the hole on the back wall. Place the wooden gutter on the lower pegs, select the gutters above and place the small mirror on the stone. Watch the tree grow. Take the WOODEN CROW and the MOON BEAN POD. Return to the hut. Place the WOODEN CROW on the book cover; read the diary about the curse:
October the 23rd
He proposed, and I said yes! A young noble and a simple village girl. It’s like a fairy tale!

October the 25th
His family is against us. But we don’t care. We will meet tomorrow in the woods and leave this place for good. I’m so excited!

October the 29th
He didn’t come. I went to the castle, but they told me he wouldn’t see me anymore. I was only some toy of his. All his professions of love… they were all lies!

October the 30th
The spirit of the Abyss spoke to me. I was so embittered and angry. I uttered words I now regret. Is any way to undo this curse I’ve cast upon the Haugwitzes? I didn’t mean anyone harm…
In the cutscene, you see the young village girl once again throwing the ring into the Abyss “Curse you and your heartless kin!”, and the Abyss reacting “Who summons the Spirit of the Abyss? Ah yes, I see you, as I see all. Yes, your disgrace will be avenged. The curse shall be bestowed” “No, no” cried the young girl realizing her mistake, “The pact is sealed. The price will be paid. I shall return to claim your own blood”. “What have I done?” Take the MISTLETOE after the cutscene. Place the SCALES, MANDRAKE ROOT, DEER HORN, MOON BEAN POD and MISTLETOE on the table to trigger a puzzle.

Prepare the recipe. Select and move the following: 1-3, 2-3, 5-4, 4-6, 1-7, 9-10, 9-4, 4-6, 11-12, 2-4, 1-3, 12-4, 4-6, 2-8, 13-4 and 4-6. Take the HEALING SALVE. Go to the Main Hall. Give the HEALING SALVE to the woman. “He needs to rest a while but will be ok. I don’t know how to thank you. I’m so happy we met. Now, go and find your sister, dear. I have to take care of him, but I’ll try to find some way to help you.” Open the wooden doors ahead of you; go through to the courtyard. Examine the timbers to access a HOP.
Once complete, you receive an AXE. Take the FULL OIL CAN on the left and the EMPTY LITTLE BARREL on the right. Use the axe on the barrel 4 times. Take the SHACKLES. Use the empty little barrel to get GUNPOWDER. Go back into the building where the bear is and use the full oil can on the hand of the statue on the left. Open the hand and take the HALBERD. Go to the secret room. Remember the torch that you broke earlier? The one that opens the door to this room. The bear used it to open the secret passage, but the chain snapped. Place the shackles on it and pull again. Go to the tower. Take the CANDLESTICK from the little table in front of you. Click on the telescope and take the BEAR INSIGNIA. Select the lens 3 times. See Edward. Examine the portrait on the right at the back of the room “Could it be this young noble?”. Take the STRING. Examine the table for a MINI-GAME.
The Sword Hilt

Assemble the hilt per the color coding; knock over the bottle and unwrap the cloth to uncover them. Place the BEAR INSIGNIA on the journal (D). Read it, close it and move the pages to uncover the last piece in green. Take the SWORD HANDLE (E). Dunk the STRING in the liquid; take the STICKY STRING (F).
Examine the crossed swords on the far wall. “This sword lacks a handle.” Place the SWORD HANDLE on the sword; remove both swords. Open the center; select it to trigger another puzzle.

Complete the diagram. Read the letters; take the COPPER KEY.
My Love, I look through the window every night, hoping that I’ll see the sign to sneak from the village and meet you at our secret hideout in the windmill. Every day without you is empty. I hate that we must keep our love a secret. I want to shout it to the world.

My Love, I can’t wait for us to marry. And you’re right – we must do it in secret, then we must leave this place. We have to escape the gossip, and your mother’s rage. We need to find a place that is just for us. I’m sending you the drawing you asked from me.
Return to the secret room and examine the stock. Use the COPPER KEY in the lock; take the STEEL BALL. Go to the Courtyard. Dip the STICKY STRING in the gunpowder; take the FUSE. Select the cannon; place the GUNPOWDER and STEEL BALL in the barrel. “It needs a good ramming to pack it down”. Examine the pillars to access a HOP. On completion, you receive a RAMROD. Use the RAMROD in the cannon; select it. Place the FUSE on it and light it with the CANDLESTICK (O). Use the HALBERD on the chain. Go forward to the village.