The Forsaken Bride - Chapter 3 - Echoes from the past

Move the foliage on the right side of the path, clear the coverings. “There’s a crow symbol carved in the stone. It seems familiar”. Move the rune and read the note.
My Love, I’m so happy we’re leaving this place at last. No more hiding and sneaking out. This escape tunnel was quite helpful but it was also dark and muddy. I’m happy I won’t have to use it again. I’ve hidden the tunnel key upstairs in our secret hideout – just in case. Love You.
“This might be the escape tunnel that leads to the village”. “A key is stuck between the stones. I’ll need something thin to pull it our of the crack”. Turn over the note whilst in magnified view and take the BROOCH. Examine the well behind this and take the SCREW in the top left corner. Examine the well inside “The winch looks fine, but there’s no bucket attached”. “A utility belt with a barrel tap, hanging on the wall”. Move the cloth and use the brooch on the key, then take the SMALL KEY. Zoom into the door twice and take the FITTING SCRAP. Zoom out and use the screw and the fitting scrap on the axle of the overturned cart on the left. Turn it a few times and remove it. Take the COACH WHEEL. Click on the door again, and use the small key on the padlock keeping the chains together on the cart. Turn it. Take the LADDER. Zoom out again and place the ladder in the well to take the TAP. Zoom in on the door and place the tap on the barrel of the wagon. Select it twice. This will make the cart much lighter. Select the block under the cart in the middle and select the beam that is sticking out of the front of the cart. Move the wagon out of the way. Select the blade just above you. See that it doesn’t quite work. Examine the coach to access a HOP. You get an UMBRELLA. Use the umbrella on the blade; take the KITE TAIL. Tie the kite tail on the latch; pull it. Enter the windmill.

Examine the loft at the back of the room above the ladder. A sack of grain is pinning the cover. It’s too heavy to lift. Take the SHACKLE. Examine the platform in the middle of the room that is hanging. Release the chain; take the BUCKET. Examine the round table. Take the HALF PIPE. There should be a chain hanging down on the left side. Attach the shackle to this. Select it. Place the sandbags on the suspended platform. Take the BELT.

Go back outside to the well. Attach the bucket. Select the winch twice – one for down and one for up and take the BUCKET WITH WATER. Re-enter the windmill. Place the half pipe and belt on the crack of the broken pipe on the far wall. Move the cloth and pour the bucket with water in the pipe; take the WINDMILL KEY that the water just washed out into the pipe opening. Examine the chest on the left. Remove the cover; place the pieces and windmill key on the lock. Turn the key; take the RAZOR and read the note.
Dear brother, you shouldn’t blame yourself for denouncing those kids. How long could you turn a blind eye to their secret meetings? If the Baroness finds out, she might even banish you from her lands for not informing her. Anyway, their love has no chance of surviving. You did the right thing. Take care.
So that’s how the baroness found out. Return to the loft. Use the razor on the sack; open the hatch. Go up the ladder. Examine the sacks in front of you. Move the hat and use the razor on the stitches. Take the STAR KEY. Take the BROOM on the right. Examine the barrel on the right. Move the cloth and items to reveal a key ring that is missing keys. Select the 2 keys – they will automatically go on the keyring. Take the KEY RING. Look at the drawing of a house “Our new place on earth”. Use the broom and key ring on the chest; turn the keys. Open the lid. Move the clothes. Strange, the chest seems to be screwed to the floor. Use the star key on the screw; select twice. The box will move to the side to reveal some kind of panel in the floorboards. Remove the panel; place the brooch on the board to trigger a puzzle.
Story Puzzle

Find the correct sequence. See screenshot below for part 1 and 2 solutions. Read all three pages until you trigger a cutscene: “And now you’re gone…” “The beast has killed the young master…” “Oh, no! The curse of the Abyss… It’s happening!” “It’s her fault… I saw her near the Abyss! I bet she was summoning the spirits! He left her, so she cast a curse upon him! She’s a witch! Banish her!” Take the SILVER STAG. Go to the Windmill.
LETTER 1: Forgive me, but I can’t wait for you any longer. I have to get back to the village before dawn. I’m so excited about our escape tomorrow. There is something I can’t wait to tell you… it will be a wonderful surprise. I’m so happy! Love you

LETTER 2: How could you be so heartless? Was I only a plaything to you? You’ve left me alone and disgraced. Are you too proud to talk to me? Do I have to struggle with your servants? But don’t worry. I won’t bother you anymore.

LETTER 3: My love, I’ve just spoken with one of your maids. She is my friend and she told me everything. I know they keep you locked up. I hope you can escape. I’ll come here every night hoping you will be here. I need to talk to you. I’m afraid I might have put you in a grave danger. Love you.

LETTER 4: It’s all my fault. I should never have lost my faith in you. My reckless words have ruined everything. And now you’re gone, killed by that beast. Oh, I miss you so much! All I want is just to die and join you in eternal sleep. But I have a responsibility to keep.
Place the silver stag on the hatch; open it and go down the tunnel. Select anywhere. It’s too dark, I need light. Back out and re-examine the coach on the left to activate a HOP. On completion, you receive a GLASS JAR. Click on the tunnel entrance and see a crow has landed there. It is holding a manuscript. Read the note. It’s from the woman in the hut. She promised she would find a way to help. Go down the tunnel. Use the glass jar on the fireflies; receive a FIREFLY LANTERN. Use the firefly lantern anywhere. The trick here is to follow the runes on the note. On each entrance is a rune symbol engraved into the stone above the entrance. Find the corresponding rune and use that pathway. Go left, right, straight and right. Select the doorway ahead of you twice; go forward into the cellar. Pull the MAGNET; take it. Open the grate; send Kitty in it. Attach the magnet to the yarn; use it on the key. Take the SILVER KEY. Examine a trapdoor on the ceiling at the far end of the room. Use the silver key on the lock; turn it. Go to the alley.