The Forsaken Bride - Chapter 4 - The Hidden

Take down the pot hanging on the left wall. It will drop down and make a noise. Oops! Zoom into that area on the left. Open the pot; use the ladle on it and pour on the spindle just above. Take the WHEEL. Place the wheel on the mechanism and turn it. Zoom into a cutscene: a conversation with your father about Edward. Your father has always known there was something not right about him. He has an unnatural charisma and hold over others. That’s why he needs to be exposed in front of everyone. At the end of the cutscene, you are given a METAL FLOWER. In front of your father, on the ledge, remove the piston (left) and take the EMPTY TANK (right). Remove the planks and cover from the barrel on the right; take the NAIL CLIPPERS. Zoom back out so that you are back in the storeroom. Examine the shelves to access a HOP. When complete, you get GLUED COINS.

Examine the area on your left. Use the nail clippers on the wires on top of the jar; remove the cork. Place the glued coins in the jar; receive COPPER COINS. Use the empty tank on the pump; receive a FULL TANK. Take the COAL CARRIER. Go back to where your father is. Place the full tank in the sprayer head and the copper coins on the bar. Select the bar twice; take the WATER SPRAYER. Zoom out. Use the water sprayer on the lantern. Now that it’s a bit darker, it’s safe to go forward to the square.

Zoom into the window on the right. Take the CROCHET and ELEGANT FAN. Examine the wooden doors of the Inn. Take the GOLDEN RELIEF PIECE. Examine the covered pile of coal on the right just beneath the open window. Remove the cover; use the coal carrier to get COAL. Move the remaining coal. Examine the table on the left of the Inn. A guard is sitting there getting drunk. Place the golden relief piece on the crate; take the GYPSUM. Back out. Return to the storeroom.

Zoom in again on your father’s window, which is now shut. Remember that figure that was jutting out of the crack in the stone just to the right of the window? Use the crochet on the figure; take the LEAD HUSSAR. Examine the work surface in front of you, where the water tap is. Use the coal and elegant fan on the embers. Place the gypsum, lead hussar and metal flower on the table to trigger a puzzle.
Casting Puzzle

Select or use the following: 1-2, 3-1, 4-1, 5-6, 6-7-1, 8-1-9 and 10-11. Take the 2 METAL FLOWERS.
Go to the Square. Place the 2 metal flowers in the recesses of the large wooden doors to the right of the Inn. This opens the way to the backyard. Go through the gates; go up the ladder to the balcony. Move the rag and wood; select the pieces. Place the disk on the wheel; pull the lever on the right. Examine the items on the left of the floor. Take the ICY MEDALLION PIECES 1/3. Go down the ladder. Examine the window on the left. Zoom out. Take the ICY MEDALLION 2/3. Open the purple curtain and select the skeleton; take the BONE. Give the bone to the dog; Note that the dog outside of the kennel is not the same as the one inside the kennel. Nothing to do with the plot. Just a design flaw that I found amusing. take the COLLAR. Examine the beam on the ground to the left of the ladder. Take the ICY MEDALLION 3/3 and SUN NUT. Remove the belt; place the collar on the beam. Remove the chain and container. Select the chain twice; select the chain. Place the 3 icy medallions on the door where the purple curtain hung and examine it to access a HOP. Play it to get SWEETS.

Examine the area on the right where the red flowers are. Place the sweets on the ground; take the CRANK. Go up the ladder. Place the sun nut and crank on the disk; select the crank. Zoom into the far end of the balcony. Pull the blue covering off to reveal rope. Take the WATERING POT. Zoom back out. Use the watering pot on the dirt; take the RAKE. Select the rope 3x; attach the rake. Use the rake on the railing; select it. Go to the balcony; select the door and see a cutscene between Lilly and Edward. Lilly does not want to go through with the wedding until she knows her sister is okay. Edward promises to take care of her. Yeah, I bet. On his way out he accidentally comes into contact with a blue gem of some kind, and his hand starts burning. Could this be his weakness? Select the door again and enter.

Speak to Lilly. Examine the dresser on the left. Take the CROW TOKEN. Examine the wedding dress harlequin on the right. Take the CLIP 1/3 and SILVER SCISSORS. Place the crow token on the trunk at the back of the room to trigger a puzzle.
Chest Puzzle

Complete the image. See the screenshot below for the solution.
The chest opens revealing Edward’s things and there’s a moonstone attached to the sleeve of one of his shirts. So, the moonstone is his weakness. Use the silver scissors on the stitching; take the MOONSTONE and HAIRPIN 1/2. How do I touch Edward with this moonstone without alerting him? Open the curtain at the back of the room; zoom in. Examine the pinned note on the right. Take the CLIPS 2/3; examine the diagram. Examine the dresser with the chessboard on top. Take the NUTCRACKER TAIL. Click on the wrapped box. Take the GLUE; open the box and remove the dress.

Return to the dresser behind the bed. Open the jar top-left and the box next to it. Place the nutcracker tail and moonstone on the squirrel nutcracker; select the tail to crush the moonstone. Use the glue and the powder from the moonstone on the ring. It will automatically go back to the box. Take the PREPARED RINGS. Open the book and turn the page; take the LULLABY MINT. Back out; go to the Square.