The Forsaken Bride - Chapter 5 - The Plan

Zoom into the open window on the right. Place the lullaby mint in the cup; select the pot, water will be automatically poured into the cup and take the SLEEPING POTION. Use the silver scissors on the curtain; receive TULLE. Zoom into the table outside the inn where the guard is getting drunk. Place the sleeping potion in the cup. Just wait until he is not drinking. Go forward through the archway to outside the village. If you didn’t get the elusive object earlier in this scene, now is your chance. Examine the cave entrance to access a HOP. You receive a COLD IRON.

Examine the wooden door on the road. Take the COPPER HANDLE. Examine the cart. Remove the branches and netting; take the EMPTY BASKET. Examine the plants on the left. Take the CLIPS top right. Take the CLIPS 3/3. Use Kitty on the frog. The frog will run away, or jump away as frogs do. Place the empty basket on the rock; move plant leaves covering berries and flip the bucket. Pick the berries circled in red; take the BERRY BASKET.
Return to the cart. Place the TULLE and 3 CLIPS on the frame; take the SIEVE. Open the crate and move the chest; take the WHITE GLOVES. Return to the village square. Use the sieve on the ash to the right; take the BLACK PIGMENT. Go back to the storeroom. Use the copper handle on the grated door below the fire and open it; take the HAIRPINS 2/2. Unearth the pieces and place them in the slots as you find them; take the KNIGHT FIGURINE BASE. Place the cold iron on the fire; receive a HOT IRON. Go to the bedroom.

Go to the dresser. Place the black pigment and berry basket in the white container. Select the container twice; use the comb on the wig. Place the tulle and 2 hairpins on the garland. Place the garland on the wig. Take the GARLAND AND WIG. Now go the walk-in closet behind the red curtain. Use the hot iron on the dress; take the WEDDING DRESS. Examine the chessboard. Select the knight; place the knight figurine base on it. Select the knight to trigger a puzzle.
Knight Puzzle

Move the knight to all squares. There are 19 moves altogether. The idea is to move the knight around in its typical way and cover all the squares on the board. Take the NECKLACE.
Place the wedding dress, necklace, white gloves and garland and wig on the form. Speak to Lilly. She tells you to find a bouquet. Examine the bed to access a HOP. Play it to receive a BOUQUET. Place the bouquet on the dress; select it. Select Lilly to trigger a puzzle.
Make-Up Puzzle

Match the makeup. Select the following: 1, 2, 3, 4×4, 5, 6, 7 and 8.
Go forward to the wedding. Give the prepared rings to Edward. Place the ring on the finger. In a cutscene, you see Edward transform into his true self. The Abyss Spirit. He grabs Lilly and the ring on your finger and jumps out of the window.