The Forsaken Bride - Chapter 6 - The Fallen Angel

In a cutscene, you talk to your father. He tells you that it’s all his fault. He should have known. He found 2 babies abandoned and took them in as his own, because he had no children himself. There was a note left with the babies and 2 necklaces. The note explained that the two necklaces would protect the babies. He didn’t believe in magic and brushed it off as nonsense. Now he understands. But he doesn’t remember where the necklaces are. But you do. Remember the cupboard in Lilly’s bedroom with the figurine inside? Take the ANGEL FIGURINE KEY from your father. Go to the bedroom. Examine the bed to access a HOP. Get a WOODEN PIGEON. Now examine the cupboard on the right.

Use the wooden pigeon on the lock; knock over the angel. Open the panel; set the correct tokens as in the screenshot. Read the book; take the DIAMOND EARRING. Back out and go down to the backyard. Examine the window on the left. Use the diamond earring on the window; it will automatically cut a hole in the glass. select it and open the drawer. Use or select the following: 1-2, 3-4, 1-4, 5-6, 7-6, 1-6. Take the HATCHET. Go to the Crossroads.

Use the hatchet on the tree by your father’s feet 3x. Examine the cave entrance just above where you hacked the tree trunk to access a HOP. Play the HOP. You receive a STEEL FAN. Go to the storeroom in the village square. Examine your father’s window. Place the steel fan on the box. Examine the box to trigger a puzzle.
Box Puzzle

Complete the image. Move the items blocking others; place the remaining items as color coded. Read the letters; take the DRAIN KEY.
Go forward into the square. Clock on the drain by the pile of coal on the right. Use the drain key on the drain; turn it. Another puzzle is activated.
Symbol Puzzle

Find the matches and change the symbols. See screenshot for solution.
Select the angel. Use the angel figurine key on the bottom; read the note and take the MEDALLION. Go to the Crossroads. Use the medallion on the vines. Go forward to the church.