The Forsaken Bride - Chapter 7 - The Verge

Examine the church doors. You will get a short cutscene showing you the Abyss Spirit and Lilly. Take the GOLDEN PHOENIX 1/4. Examine the statue on the right. Take the GOLDEN PHOENIX 2/4. Move the dirt at the foot of the abyss stairway; take the GOLDEN PHOENIX 3/4. Go up the stairs. Take the STONE CHALICE from the figure on the right. Examine the base of the tree. Move the branches; take the GLOWING CRYSTAL 1/3. Examine the candles on the left to access a HOP. You receive the GOLDEN PHOENIX 4/4. Return to the church.

Place the 4 golden phoenixes on the door. Take the EMPTY BARREL. Attempt to go forward and see that there is a trap; back out. Place the empty barrel by the grave; use the shovel on the dirt pile and dump in the barrel. Take the FULL BARREL. Go back to the trapped stairs. Roll the full barrel down the stairs. Go forward to the crypt. On the right-hand wall is a round sundial. Open the little door of this sundial and select the cobwebs; place the crystal on the holder. Take the RAG just below the sundial. Back out to the church. Use the rag on the shield of the statue; turn the sun rays and take the SHIELD. Re-enter the Crypt. Place the shield on the frame of the left sundial; select it.

Zoom into the table. Select the torch; unwrap it and place the spiked stick on it. Select it and dunk it in the bowl of oil; receive a TORCH. Zoom into the door at the far end. See a short cutscene with Lilly and the Spirit. Take the SHARD sticking out of the window frame. Open the curtain on the right; use the shard on the rope. Hook the rope on the lever and pull it. Oops; use Kitty on the rope. Open the right hand; take the GLOWING CRYSTALS 2/3. Read the book and turn the page; take the MONOCLE. Examine the table on the left. Use the torch on the sunbeam and the monocle on the torch; take the BURNING TORCH and the COPPER HAND. Click on the box with the snake on it. Use the burning torch on the snake; It will reveal a compass mini-game.
Compass Mini-Game

place the copper hand on the dial. Turn the dial in the correct order (5 o’clock, 9 o’clock and 11 o’clock).
Examine the box to access a HOP. You receive the GLOWING CRYSTAL 3/3. Place the 3 glowing crystals on an empty slot on the white table. You will trigger another puzzle.
Sundial Puzzle

Set the correct colors. See screenshot for solution. Take the SUN SYMBOL.
Place the sun symbol on the door. Go forward to the nave. Lilly and the Spirit are there. But the woman from the cabin also arrives and tries to fight off the spirit with magic. He just pushes her aside and takes off again with Lilly. But not before explaining why he was taking Lilly. The woman from the cabin is the young village girl who fell in love with the young noble. She was pregnant and had twins. Because of the danger she was in, she had to give them up. So she left them where the man who brought them up as their father discovered them and took them to safety.
Examine the picture on the back wall. Place the stone chalice in the slot; follow the numbered moves (2-4). Take the WOODEN RELIEF PIECE 1/4. Examine the stone carving on the left. Take the PHOENIX NESTLING. Assemble the drawing. The pieces are strewn all over, and there are 3 in total; place it on the book and select the 3 holes. Open the book; take the WOODEN RELIEF PIECE 2/4. Examine the chalet on the right. Place the phoenix nestling in the slot; arrange them in order and take the WOODEN RELIEF PIECE 3/4. Examine the picture at the back. Place the sun symbol in the recess; balance the scales and take the WOODEN RELIEF PIECE 4/4. Go to the Edge.
Place the 4 wooden relief pieces on the trunk to trigger a puzzle. Assemble the relief. Complete the image. Press the runes in order. Go forward to the Abyss. Click on the vine-covered stone ahead of you. Use the MEDALLION on the vine. Place the rune in the slot. Select the symbols that make up the rune above. Take the ring.

Congratulations, you’ve completed Grim Legends: The Forsaken Bride. Continue here to see the walkthrough for the next instalment: The Abyss