The Forsaken Bride - Gameplay

When the game first starts, you are confronted with the main screen where you will find all of the controls. First, create your username for the game. On the main screen, you will find the following: Play, More Info, Options, Achievements, Extras and Quit. Play and Quit need no explanation.

Press to start the game. You will then be confronted with a window “Choose an adventure”. Choose between Forsaken Bride and The Abyss.

Here, you will find the HELP menu and CREDITS. Press HELP to open the MOUSE CURSORS menu. Here you can view all of the contextual mouse cursors that help you interact with the Game:

Use the Magnifying Glass to have a closer look at a certain area
Use the Hand cursor to interact with the environment and pick up items which might come in handy
A Question Mark means you can learn more about the objects you encounter
The Lips icon indicates you can speak to that person
The Navigation Arrows indicate you can click in that area to another location
You can also view INVENTORY ITEMS if you scroll to the next page (from Mouse Cursors screen):

Items you pick up are stored in your Inventory at the bottom of the screen. You can pick them and interact with various objects in the world
If you get stuck, you can always use a Hint which will direct you to the next action. The HINT button will take a while to recharge. If the Hint indicates that you need to go to a new location, the button remains charged.
Your inventory can be found at the bottom of the screen. Hover your mouse over the bottom to bring it up. Click the padlock to lock the inventory in place. Click on an item to use it.
Scroll further and you will see the HIDDEN-OBJECT PUZZLES:

Sparkles indicate a Hidden-Object Puzzle (HOP). Use the Magnifying Glass to enter the puzzle and search for clues.
Find all of the Objects on the list to finish the puzzle. Objects written in purple require an extra step (e.g. two items may have to be combined in order to create that object in the list)
You can use a Hint to reveal a Hidden Object, but it will take a while to recharge.
If you don’t feel like playing an HOP scene, you can click on the Dominos icon in the bottom left to play a Dominos game instead.
The next HELP page is PUZZLES:

During your adventure you may encounter mini-games of various kinds. In many cases you will need Items to activate them.
Once the mini-game is active, you can read the mini-game instructions at the bottom of the screen
You can also Skip a mini-game if you wish, though you have to wait until the SKIP button charges
The final HELP page is MAP:

You can find the Map at the bottom left of your screen
You can view the Game World in the map
You can also fast travel between locations, though you cannot travel to locations not yet visited or physically blocked
The Map also displays your current position and, depending on the difficulty setting, indicates available actions
Here, you can set the Music Volume, Sound Volume, Difficulty Mode, Voiceovers, Custom Cursor, Fullscreen. Press OK or CANCEL.

There are 3 difficulty modes: Casual, Advanced and Expert

The Hint and Skip buttons recharge quickly
Active zones glimmer frequently
Hidden-Object Puzzles are indicated with sparkles
There is no Misclick Penalty in Hidden-Object Puzzles
Locations with an available action are indicated on the Map
Text tips may give moderately direct hints
There are 4 types of Collection Items: Spirits (30 in total), Trophies (11 in total), Story Achievements (13 in total) and Elusive Objects (28 in total).

This is where all the screenshots, Videos and soundtracks are accessible: Hidden-Object Puzzles, Cutscenes, Achievements, Wallpapers, Soundtracks and Concept Art.

Once you save the cute little kitty, he will be in your bottom right-hand corner. He’ll help you out during your journey with hard to reach items.

Your journal is stored in the bottom left-hand corner of your screen and contain your current objectives in the game.