The Forsaken Bride - Prolog


A young woman is seen running through the forest obviously broken-hearted “Why did you leave me?” “How could you do it?” “All your professions of love!” “All your promises…!” She removes a ring from her finger and throws it into the abyss. “They were all lies.” “Curse you and your heartless kin!” As the ring falls, a gnarled, evil hand takes it.


25 years later. A horse and carriage carrying father and daughter are on their way to a wedding. “Dad, can we go any faster? Lilly will kill me if i’m late to her wedding.” “Your sister’s been waiting years for you to come home…I think she can wait a few minutes longer.” The woman takes out a photo of her sister, Lilly and her fiance, Edward and asks her father “Do you know Edward?” “He came to our village a month ago. But Lilly seems to be happy with him, so…” A great bear suddenly appears at the side of the road frightening the horse causing the carriage to almost tip over. Something is pulling at the carriage. This is where you take control. You have to find out what is pulling the carriage while your father tries to calm the horse. Click on the right side of the carriage to see that the luggage has fallen out of the carriage and is pulling it down. You need to do something quickly. Take the IRON CLAW. Zoom into the back left wheel of the carriage to see a pair of broken scissors. One of its arms is stuck under the carriage wheel. Zoom into the branch of the tree hanging over the road and take the GOLD COIN.

Use the gold coin on the broken scissors and take the IMPROVISED BLADE. Examine the rag doll above the dreamcatcher hanging on the branch and also the bear sign “I wonder if it’s the same bear our dad used to tell us stories about. How long do bears live…?” Zoom in on the bear’s paw and use the iron claw on the middle claw. This will release its hold on the crozier. Take the CROZIER. Use the crozier on the fallen luggage to pull it in far enough to be able to cut the rope with the improvised blade. The luggage will fall down into the abyss. Now the carriage is free. You other luggage, however, has fallen off the carriage onto the road. Just as your father tells you all is ready to leave, you hear a kitten meowing. Click onto the abyss where you just cut off your luggage and see a kitten. “Oh my god! How did it get there? It might fall… I have to do something!” Examine your trunk. “Oh, no — my trunk! I hope my wedding gift for Lilly is alright…” Take the SCARF. When you try to open the trunk, you will find that the key is broken. But you could use a pin or wire to pick the lock. (Are all game characters master lockpickers?). Use the scarf on Kitty and he will jump up and climb into your toolbar where he will stay throughout most of the game to help you. Click on the dreamcatcher to get a close up of the ragdoll. This is what you need to access. Problem is: it’s too high for you. Use Kitty on the ragdoll and he will climb up the tree and shake the doll loose onto the path. (You can generally tell if there’s a job for Kitty – she will start getting restless and try to crawl out of your toolbar) Now examine it. Keep pressing all the parts so that everything falls away and you’re left with just the body (ball of yarn) and the head on a wire. Kitty will push the yarn away playfully (after all, that was the whole point of the exercise, wasn’t it?). Remove the head and take the WIRE.

Use the wire on the trunk lock. “Oh no! My wedding gift for Lilly’s broken! I need to fix it.” This activates the first puzzle of the game. This puzzle is in three parts.


Part 1: Put all the petals back into the frame. Then you have to swap the flower petals until you restore the full pattern. Just select the petal and then select the other one you want to swap it with.

Part 2: Move the flower cores along the beads into the right flower. Use an empty space as a way station. Using the numbered image below, click on each number as follows: 2, 3, 4, 6, 2, 3, 6, 5, 1, 6, 3, 4, 5, 6, 4, 3, 6

Part 3: Pick up the chains and use them to match pairs of similar flowers. Again, use the numbered image and follow this sequence: 4 to 6, 7 to 10, 11 to 1, 3 to 2, 12 to 9, 6 to 4

The necklace is alright. We can go now. Click on the carriage to continue your journey to Ravensbrook.


Go find Lilly while your father prepares the horse. Talk to the woman in front of you. “You must be Lilly’s twin. She’s waiting for you.” You can also talk to the man on the left. He will start ranting about the moon and dark things. “A full moon hangs over the Abyss. Bad Luck. Bad luck, I says.” To get an achievement, talk to the boy sitting on the window ledge on the right. “Wow! You look like Auntie Lilly.” You will see Lilly in the middle with Edward. Talk to them. “I’m glad you came, sister. I’ve missed you.” Give her your wedding gift. Lilly introduces Edward to you. “I feel like I’ve known you for years.” “Did something happen on your way here?”. Now, how did he know that? “The beasts should stay in the forest, where they belong. Someone needs to do something about this.” Click on the Inn to enter. At this moment, the bear appears again and wreaks havoc. He takes one swipe at Edward and flings him across the courtyard. A couple of villagers join in to help but cannot prevent the bear from taking Lilly. You get knocked down by something in the panic and wake up to Edward offering you a hand up. The beast has taken Lilly into the woods. Everyone’s chasing them. Edward wants to join them and you insist on going along. After all, she’s your sister. He’s going to look for a crossbow and you need to look for some light to take with you. It’ll be dark out in the woods.