The Inquisitor I - The Plague


When you open the game, you are confronted with a configuration pop-up where you can change the screen resolution, graphics quality and decide if you want to play the game windowed.

MAIN MENU has play, continue, load, options and exit.
OPTIONS: Language, enable dialog text, dubbing, GFX mode, dialog control panel, easy reader text, music volume, sound effects volume. There is also a TUTORIAL button.
The game screen has a menu button at the bottom left (M), a CROSS and BOOK at the bottom right. Once you acquire the MAP, this will also appear next to the book in the bottom right corner. INVENTORY can be accessed by pulling the down arrow at the top of the screen (if you don’t see this, you might need to change your resolution – close the game completely and re-open to the introductory settings pop-up window where you can change the resolution).
To save the game, or load at another timepoint, press the ESC key.
Interaction with objects and people is shown by a selection of action icons: look or examine closely, talk, take or absolve.

The NOTEBOOK at the bottom right of the screen will record your objectives (tasks) shown by the lens tab, and documentation of events by the feather tab. When you click on the documentation events, you will hear a description from Nicolas.

The CROSS (Divine Help) functions as a skip button or hint icon. It will skip puzzles or spring to the next available action, moving the game forward. Use sparingly or not at all if your goal is to achieve a high score, as this will reduce your score

The MAP is acquired at the beginning of the game and will appear on the bottom right of the screen as a Scroll. This acts as a portal for you to spring from place to place.

ACHIEVEMENTS can be collected throughout. I did not manage to collect all of them.